February 2019


Being stylish is not about following every single trend that hits the fashion industry. It’s more about expressing your personal style through clothing while implementing some of the latest trends. So when it comes to choosing a look for spring, use the following trends as a guide to look incredibly stylish:

1. Miniskirts – While the midi-skirt has been a favorite for women across the globe, miniskirts are now snatching the spotlight. It’s the time to hike up your hemline and look for a piece that offers versatility while enabling you to keep up with the latest trends. A miniskirt can look great no matter how you choose to style it.


Maybe you could wear it with a lightweight sweater and a pair of “flatform” sneakers. For a formal event, you could style your miniskirt with a sheer blouse and a pair of pumps with the right accessories. You could even go for a more casual look by pairing it with a graphic tee and ballerinas. Whatever you do, make sure you choose a piece that goes well with your personal style.

2. Vivid colors – It’s the perfect season to mix bits of sweet and sour to your look. While the trend is to create a bold clash of various vivid colors into one look, you could also go for a much more demure look. Try adding bright-colored accessories to an outfit in neutral colors instead. Otherwise, you could even pick your top two favorite colors in vivid hues to put together a spring-worthy look.

Vivid colors

3. Bold florals – Now before you quote Miranda, let’s just point out that florals are going big this year. Large and geometric floral prints are replacing the once popular trend of tiny blossoms. Bold florals create more edge to a somewhat traditional pattern, so you can add a piece of floral-printed clothing to your most edgy look.

Bold florals

4. New-age stripes – Stripes have always been a favorite for many, but they’ve decided to go much bolder this season. Experiment with a different kind of striped print in chopped, scattered, or curled variations. Striped dresses may be the best way to go as compared to any other piece of clothing. However, make sure you pick out a piece that isn’t overly dramatic so that you can re-wear it multiple times.

New-age stripes

5. Minimal statement footwear – When it comes to footwear trend, make a statement wearing minimal designs with statement features. Minimal doesn’t always have to be simple. Look for shoes in neutral colors and clean aesthetics with some bold embellishments that add a contrast. Maybe plexiglass heels or a strip of tassels could add a statement factor to an otherwise minimal design.

Minimal statement footwear

6. Graphic bags – It’s all about bold, graphic prints when it comes to handbag trends for this season. The great thing about this trend is that you can tone down the rest of your outfit with neutral colors while making a statement with striped leather bags in bright hues. If you’d like to channel a more dramatic look, you could use it as an accessory for a wild mix of printed pieces or vivid hues.

Graphic bags

7. 90’s trend – Designers are bringing back fashion trends from the 90’s with a bang – from minimal slip dresses and relaxed denims to recreating the grunge look with faux leather jackets and denims.

You could opt for a basic slip dresses as it can be styled in multiple ways. Try dressing it down with a pair of “flatform” sneakers or pair it with sleek stilettos for a more formal affair. What’s even better is that you could wear this dress as a Halloween costume while dressing up as a younger Kate Moss or your favourite celebrity from the 90’s.

8. Denims – Whether you go for an oversized denim jacket or a cute denim miniskirt, you’ll be right on trend for this season. Staying true to the 90’s trend, you could even opt for a pair of relaxed denims and recreate a grunge look. What about looking chic in cropped flared denims? You can style these denims with a silky camisole and sleek stilettos or keep it casual with sandals and graphic tees.


9. Suede – Another huge trend this season is a favorite from the 70’s – suede. While you can sport this trend any way, it looks best on skirts. So you could club together the miniskirt trend with the suede trend by picking out a cute and chic miniskirt. Try an A-cut suede mini skirt with buttons on the front, as it can work well with almost any look.


10. Big dangle earrings – Designers are embracing a new accessory trend with extra long earrings that graze shoulders. When sporting this trend, try to go for a minimal design that will not clash with the rest of your outfit.

Big dangle earrings

So now you have a range of trends to inspire your look for this season. Remember to avoid going by the book when adapting the latest trends. Pair new pieces with what you already have so you can express yourself while saving money on new clothes.

Just like other art forms, fashion is meant to inspire you and encourage you to explore and reinvent yourself often. In addition, it can also be used to convey some pretty powerful messages and ask controversial questions. Everyone likes to buy affordable clothes because it is best for their budget, but sometimes you have to ask yourself: is it all about me? Eco fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason – Mother Nature knows best!

What is Eco-friendly Fashion?

Eco-friendly fashion is turned towards natural materials in the first place, so while this means that your clothes will take longer to dry and that it won’t be wrinkle-free, it also means that it is free of acids, heavy metals, and toxic dyes that are otherwise present.

cotton ball

Furthermore, it also means that the cotton your clothes are made of is organic and hasn’t been treated with pesticides, which as a result gives us healthier soil and water, and your skin is not exposed to dangerous chemicals. So, asides from being environmentally friendly, such clothes are also healthier to wear.

Slow Fashion and Why It’s Good

In today’s consumer society, everything is fast, ready-made, and easily spent (and broken). On the other hand, ‘slow fashion’ is focused more on people, their health, and nature than it is on making the fast profit.

Sustainable clothing is made of organic materials such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo, and often include pieces that are made of recycled or upcycled fabrics. As a result, the amount of artificial materials is reduced as is the amount of energy needed to produce them, leaving us in much healthier environment.

Frugal and Sustainable Choices

It may seem that the only thing you can do is turn to eco-friendly fashion and buy pieces that are made of organic materials, but there is something else. Try changing your approach to fashion altogether and start rationing when it comes to clothes shopping. Do you really need a dozen of white shirts and six pairs of black jeans?

Frugal and Sustainable Choices

When buying clothes, opt for pieces that are easy to combine and mix with others, so that you can pull off several different looks with one piece instead of having to buy clothes for each one. To do that you should plan ahead and think about clothes and styles you usually like to wear so that the item you are planning to buy can fit perfectly.

Be Informed and Make a Difference

Sometimes, a company will state that their clothes are made of organic materials (bamboo, linen, hemp, etc), but the ways these are processed may not be environmentally-friendly. The best thing to do is to get informed about companies that use not only organic products but their means of production are ‘green’ as well. Additional small changes in your lifestyle are also welcome, for example organic makeup that has not been tested on animals, or organic skin care products that focus on natural ingredients such as essential oils.

Be Informed and Make a Difference

By choosing to wear eco-friendly clothes, you will be helping our planet, and it certainly needs all the help it can get. One person cannot fight the pollution by itself, but by choosing to do things differently they certainly can make a difference in a long run. Do what is best for your health and the health of our planet, and allow yourself to be inspired by eco-friendly trends in fashion industry.

I have enough cosmetics, said no one ever and I am sure you girls are going to agree with me on this. It is one of the perks of being a woman that you can just play around with colors and experiment with different looks. Every girl loves her make-up and more than that they totally relish those long romantic walks down the cosmetic aisles! But in today’s world when we are juggling home, careers and kids, it can be quite a daunting task. Does that mean you compromise on your beauty dose? Hell, NO! We have the perfect solution for you and your beauty needs- Purplle.

Purplle as many of you must know is India’s largest and numerouno beauty destination catering to hundreds of cities throughout the country. It has the widest and choicest product repertoire ranging from national to international brands. Their exhaustive collection will leave you baffled as to what to buy and what not to! Purplle’s, Nykaa official online site features the various categories such as skin, makeup, hair, bath&body and fragrance where you can find endless products of your choice. They also have a men and mom&baby category displaying products specific to this audience. While they house the best and latest products, they also run special offers on selected items which you can browse through. A beauty regime can never be complete without the right tools and accessories and Purplle understands this well. It’s electronic segment features epilators, shavers, straighteners, dryers and massagers to give you a wholesome beauty shopping experience.

Apart from providing a platform to buy your cosmetics and beauty products in a quick and easy way, it also doubles up as your personal beauty assistant by providing you with a huge collection of trending styles and fashion tips. You have an endless catalogue of articles and blogs which can inspire you and help you choose the right products according to the latest fashion trends. Purplle is also unique as it offers to book the appointments with salons in your city without you having to travel physically just to make the reservation. You can view the salons and spas listed under your city, check out the services offered, compare prices and then make an informed decision. Additionally the purplle coupons available online can get you great deals and discounts on products or beauty services.

They also have their own app which you can download on your smartphone and you are good to go! You can shop, browse or make appointments at the click of a button. It is a real game changer for women with free shipping and various payment options. Shopping was never so easy and so much fun! If you still haven’t tried this genius store, well, time you did! And you can thank me later ;).

The author for this article is RichaAgarwal, a girl who loves her make up just as much as she loves to write. A freelancer content writer by profession, she enjoys a good read, travelling and delicious food( well,almost all the good things life can offer).

Check a closet of a desi chic and you’ll see that it will be stacked with a mess of kurtis. Such has the popularity of the Kurti come to in the previous couple of years. They are comfortable, in vogue, ethnic and arrive in an entire diverse scope of shapes and sizes (sigh!).

And after that, there is this benefit that you can style your Kurtis into countless ways. Yes, you read that absolutely right! You can use your kurtis by styling them differently, if just you know how to style them.

Kurtis with Palazzo Pants

 Kurti with plazzo

An effortless approach to wear your kurtis is to club them up with palazzos. A ton of celebs have been matching up their kurtis with palazzos of late and there’s each motivation behind why you ought to attempt it as well. First and foremost, they can make you look extremely urbane and ethnic in the meantime.

Kurtis with Pants or Leggings

leggies and pants

Kurtis and pants have constantly run flawlessly well with each other and this is one look that can never turn out badly. You must in any case, ensure that your kurti isn’t too blingy or noisy. A plain white or dark kurti is the thing that runs best with denims.

Kurtis with Skirts

kurti with Skirts

Yes, you can wear your kurtis with a skirt and we guarantee you, it won’t look odd at all if that you know exactly how to dStyle Your Kurtio it. Couple of times our celebs pulled off the kurti-skirt look with much elan and perceive how beautiful they looked?

Capris with Short Kurtis

kurti with capris

You can wear your kurtis with capris also. This works best when the kurtis are shorter long and when the shade of the capris runs well with the kurti. White and dark cotton capris run well with some kurtis while some of them will require you to match them up with the same shading as the kurti.

Kurtis  with your Work-Wear Trousers

kurti with trousers

At the point when worn with trousers, kurtis look tasteful and work-prepared. The length of the kurti, be that as it may, must not be too long when worn with trousers. At the point when collaborated with white, light chestnut or grayish trousers, kurtis look their rich best.

Kurtis with Dhoti Pants

kurti with dhoti

A novel approach to wear your kurtis is with dhoti pants. Dhoti pants are one late style that we can’t not become hopelessly enamored with. They’re cutting edge but then, have an extremely desi touch to them. When you pick dhoti make sure which are of either the same shading as the kurti or a shading that supplements them. Dissimilar to tights and patialas, you can’t simply wear white or dark dhoti pants under every one of your outfits if that you need to draw out their wonderful best.

So, now you could if you want, using your own style sense, doll up the this desi pick in more ways than one with these ideas. Play along with heels, bottoms and accessories, and wow the world with your own fashion trends. For latest kurti trends, visit

Fresh Food
green vegetables
Minimal use of oil and dairy products

Slimness seems to be the unique characteristic of the Japanese. Could it be there genes? Of course. But one study shared the result that when Japanese are exposed to western diet, they begin to gain weight and suffer from unhealthy lifestyle. Usually, I order online while I carve from hunger.
So the secret of natural slimness and good health lies in the food culture. Here are the secrets with name of restaurants which provide attractive offers on minimal order.
The food is fresh – in most of the houses and restaurants go to preserve the natural flavor and color of their food. Techniques like blanching are used to make vegetables look as fresh as possible. Dim sum and steamed fish are cooked by natural colors and use of more vegetables to make it more healthy and tasty. Best to get these dishes on En restaurant as their cuisine is so yummy that you don’t forget to lick you finger.

You should have breakfast – to get that slim figure, you don’t have to skip breakfast. Most Japanese women are not carve for lunch as they are done with their heavy breakfast. They prefer to have green spinach and dark Miso soup. You can have supper breakfast at sakura. In the beginning, you can have mid- morning snacks and beverages at the workplace. Sakura is best Japanese restaurant.

Meal should have high water content – in general, we put on weight by not consuming enough water. Meals in Japanese home comprise soup with miso, tofu, green vegetables, spinaches, some rice and fish. If you compare water level in meals of nationalities, Japanese would be number one. Their food quantity is less then water. Meals with high water content are easy to cook and make the dinner digestive. You can have the soup of Sakae Sushi. Their cuisine has real taste of Japan and offer you more healthier and yummy.

Minimal use of oil and dairy products – Japanese prefer to have limited dairy products as they are enriched with more fatty ingredients. They more rely on the green vegetables and fish to balance the calcium quota. While, we Indians don’t have food until it is stuffed with oil. This is big reason to gain weight immediately. Japanese cuisine also prefer to make food with less oil and make your healthy lifestyle.

So guys, keep above points in your mind and say big yes to strict dieting. Don’t forget to follow exercise rules. Go ahead and get some gifts in return. Please share your diet plan also with me.

While everyone was busy speculating what Bollywood’s ‘desi’ girl Priyanka Chopra would sport for the Oscars, the actress actually surprised all with her look for the occasion. Her gown and natural make-up defining her sharp features impressed her fans and followers. However, it also came as a surprise for many as they were expecting her to be seen in the nine yards of elegance. While it has nothing to do with the catching attention of paparazzi, the decision to put on a gown instead of a sari is a rather smart professional move considering her upcoming Hollywood venture.

Seeing Priyanka in that pristine white mermaid gown by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad sends a clear message that the girl wanted to be comfortable in her skin while looking every bit a diva with a little dash of modern elegance.

Her name as the star presenter at the 88th Academy Awards ceremony itself makes every Indian proud of her. But, her fashion sense, look and style for the ceremony clearly indicates how effortlessly she can carry the essence of culture where she is. She looked an integral part of the Hollywood where she has already made her presence felt.

If you want to follow the footsteps of Priyanka, then go ahead with these style and makeup tips:

The hairdo:

The hairdo

Begin by taking a small horseshoe section on the top, and keep it separate. Secure the rest of the hair backside in a low pony.

Now take the top section and comb it towards the back. Make a center parting with this section and smoothen it to later secure it with the low pony at your back. You can use a mild holding spray to avoid frizzing.

The make-up:

The makeup

Prep the face, and go ahead to prominently highlight facial features by choosing two-three shades lighter foundation. Then, choose a darker foundation for contouring.

The glamorous eyes:

Eye Makeup

Prepare the arch line using a sharpened dark pencil and blend with a blow brush. Use a brownish eye shadow in combination with black eyeliner in water line to highlight the eyes. Give a touch of drama and glamour with longer lashes using mascara.



Cover lips using skin colour foundation and outline with burgundy. Then, fill in the burgundy colour lipstick for the perfect look. The cupid bow can be dipped deeper for a well-sculpted pout.

Ordered a silk saree online? And now you are busy thinking whether you spent your money on the right kind of silk or not. Well! To help you distinguish between genuine and synthetic silk, here are 5 factors that you should know to assess the quality of silk you have bought or you may buy. Read on:

Silk Sarees
Silk Sarees


No matter whether you bought that coveted silk sarees online or offline, if it is made using genuine silk, its cost would be relatively higher. Synthetic fibres, for e.g. polyester may sometimes look and feel like silk to the untrained eye. Many a times, sellers take advantage of this fact and sell synthetic silk sarees at the rate of pure silk sarees. In order to get what you pay for, both offline and online shopping for silk sarees should be done from reputed stores only.



Silk fabric is a combination of single-coloured yet varied threads in each of the weft and warp. This technique and the additional zari work render that glistening appearance to silk sarees. This lustrous surface appears to change colour as the angle of light on it changes. Synthetic fabrics have a pallid shine, no matter what the angle of the light.



Silk is either hand-woven or machine-woven (also called hand-loom and power-loom silk) While saress/suits or any other attire made using handloom silk can be believed to be 100% genuine, synthetic silk is always a mix of two or more fabrics. Like any other hand-made thing, hand-woven silk might have minor variations in the evenness of the weave. These are natural and to be expected – they are what give each piece its individual value.
On the contrary, power-loom silk has perfect weave, although a few artificial fabrics are made to look very realistic, including slight imperfections such as slubbing.


Pattern of silk sarees
Pattern of silk sarees

Either a printed pattern or a woven one, genuine silk will have these patterns visible on one side and a delineation of the same on the reverse side. The only difference is that the woven pattern will appear a bit indistinct on the other side. Synthetic fabrics with a printed pattern will have the pattern visible on one side and a plain colour on the reverse side.

Burn Test

Try burning a few threads of genuine silk and you would notice a smells similar to as that of burnt hair or pure wool. It will leave a black, powdery residue. Further, pure silk will only burn as long as a flame is applied to it. It will immediately stop burning as soon as the flame is taken away. Put synthetic silk to flame and it will produce an obnoxious smell as that of burning plastic. It will begin dripping; produce black smoke and a black ball of residue (not ash) would be formed. Further, it will keep burning even after the flame is taken away. This is not a standard test you should perform on silk! However, it is a fairly definitive test.

So, make sure that the pure silk saree shopping online you have invested time in is worth the price and effort. Use the tips above and be assured about the quality of silk you buy.

I have had my share of dates – I have had ones at bars and restaurants; I have gone on hikes for first dates, rock climbing, walks in the park and once, even at the library, so I guess I have had quite a taste of the different options when it comes to getting to know someone.

After a while however, all of the getting to know you stuff, the same drink orders and the same four confessions I make, the dating game does become a bit boring and I am sure I am not the only one who has felt this.

So last week, after meeting a guy whom I really clicked with, I decided I would cook dinner for him, but rather than serving the same old drinks, I wanted to give him a cocktail that would impress him and bring something different to a normal date. I wanted to create festivity and add a touch of glamour so I knew I would have to bring something new to the table.

I did some research and I was bombarded with thousands of options but I did narrow them down to three special cocktails which sounded easy to make and looked delicious. The following are the best three cocktails I found which you too can make to impress your guy or girl during your next date!

The French martini

The Golden Ticket


This is a simple drink that only needs to be stirred. Originally served at the bar of Archie Rose’s distillery in Australia, the Golden Ticket is based with their signature dry gin. All you need to do is to add 60ml of the gin, ¼ of a cask of Laphroaig; add chocolate mole bitter infused breakfast marmalade and 5ml PX float.

Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass, add some ice and stir it until the marmalade dissolves. Once that is done, pour the drink in a tumbler, or any other impressive glass over one or two ice cubes and garnish with a lemon twist.

The Golden Ticket

The French martini


With a blush tinge and a rich raspberry taste, this “gorgeous, easy-drinking fruit martini” is the perfect classic with a twist. To make the blend, start by filling the shaker with ice and adding 40ml of Vodka, 20ml of French raspberry liqueur “for an extra touch of pink” and 50ml of pineapple juice. Shake these ingredients until cold then strain into a martini glass.

“Because pineapple juice is always cloudy, there is no risk of clouding the drink with fragments of ice. And a good, hard shake makes the pineapple foam up a little, creating a beautifully frothy texture on the surface of the drink.” Finish this beauty off by garnishing it with a twist of lemon.


Annex Theater Champagne cocktail


This drink has the most dramatic name and the fact that it has champagne suggests richness and celebration but in actual fact this is the easiest cocktail to make out of the three – you don’t even have to own a cocktail shaker! All you need is three ingredients – good champagne, sugar cubes and bitters such as Angostura bitters for “an elegant and refreshing sipper.”

Take the champagne flutes and place an ice cube in each one. Dash a few drops of bitters on the ice cubes and fill the rest of the glass with champagne. Serve the drink without stirring.

Forget the usual and go for something bold and beautiful this season. All you lovely ladies looking for something unique and interesting, treat yourself with these gorgeous statement rings. Statement rings, the perfect way to add glamour and fashion to your look. If you are still unsure then read this and we are sure you will have no reason to be in doubt. Just go and grab them, now!!!

  • These are trendy and easy on the pocket. Buying the traditional ones isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because they are expensive. Hence, not everyone can have a lot of them. Since statement rings aren’t that expensive, one can have a lot of them and in different styles, colours and patterns.
  • These are the easiest way to glam up your look. Be it going boho, edgy, casual, party ready, from day to night, try it anytime, any occasion. Just wear one of these and you are ready to steal the show!!!  
glam up ur look with ring
  •  Statement rings are like a breath of fresh air for women who are tired and bored of wearing the same type of rings again and again. These come in so many different designs and styles. You will be spoiled for choice.
  • The best way to flaunt those stunningly beautiful manicured nails. These will get your hands all the attention and admiration. Isn’t it a great reason to wear at least one of them? Just wear them and be the centre of attraction. Be prepared for endless compliments!!
  • Just one piece is more than enough to feel like a diva. There are times, when we don’t feel like wearing too many jewellery pieces. Just simply put on your favourite dress and match it with a stunning ring. This will be more than enough to make you feel like a diva.
  •  Since these come in so many varieties and colours, you can match them with most of your outfits. No more worry about buying a new one for every attire. At times, it gets difficult to match your outfits with your precious jewellery. Though with these classy rings, you can easily mix and match them.
Statement Rings
  •  Just keep in mind that if your hands are petite then you can go with something that is not too big and contrary to it if your hands are large then you your chosen ring must not be too small.
  •  There is no hard and fast rule as to which is the right finger to wear it. Wear it on first, second and third, it is up to you.
  • These can be teamed up with almost all of your outfits. Match it with your sarees, lehenga, gowns, fusion wear. You can get as creative as you want. They have an elegant and effortless appeal. Adorn them and take your look up by a notch.

Ladies, it’s time you have these in your jewellery collection. Time to look different and feel beautiful. This season, make a statement that makes everyone go envious!!!

We all love to talk about celebs, and sometimes, those talks turn into gossips and we discuss about fashion failures of some stars. Luckily, there are plenty to talk about, because A-listers are far from perfect, and they all make mistakes. Did you notice, however, that there is rarely a place for Jessica Alba in such discussions? The lady can truly be proud of her impeccable style, both on the streets and on the red carpet. She has wowed us a million times with her ingenious, innovative, yet subtle outfits, and there is no doubt that we would all love to peek into her wardrobe. It turns out however, that her home is equally as stylish. So let us take a peek into both.

Jessica's Wardrobe Peek

The Wardrobe Peek

The actress is famous for her amazing street style, but her red carpet outfits can put up a fight. What both styles have in common is the ultimate simplicity decorated with a touch of fun.

  • The streets – On the street the actress love to draw attention to her outfits, but at the same time she keeps them simple enough, so that any next-door girl could copy her style. She can easily pull off a bold combination of colors and patterns (e.g. graphic print dress + bright yellow coat). She also uses printed accessories (leopard-print backpack) to add some fun to ordinary neutral outfits. The actress would never allow her outfit to look boring an unappealing, so, when left with no other choice, she tops it all with a stylish fedora. The ultimate effortless-chic for her is the pair of jeans + leather jacket combo.
  • The red carpet – If there is anything we love about Jessica Alba’s red carpet style that is her je ne sais qui simple elegance. Really, those body embracing lines, monochromatic outfits, chic, yet simple hairstyles – simply enchanting. Her most perfect and most feminine outfits, where paradoxically men’s suits. Because of them, Tommy Hilfiger once said she is “American style icon” with menswear influences. That does not mean our lady cannot pull off a dress when she feels like it. She prefers timeless gowns with a fashionable twist and pure elegance lightweight dresses.
Jessica's style

The Home Décor Peek

The actress’s home décor is much like her fashion style – simple, well accessorized and all in all, impeccable. From the very entrance you can see how captivated by nature she is – the river rock and bamboo are greeting you on your way in, and everything is designed with a touch of Balinese inspiration. There is plant life throughout the house, so it is no wonder she has her own sustainable green wall. The furniture is a reminiscence of her red carpet outfits – simple, neutral colored and sleek lined. The classic wooden furniture is enriched with unique pieces such as trunk coffee table and French bench. The neutral colors of the living room are made interesting with a patterned carpet. The family room is elongated, elegant, simple and irresistible. Oh, and we are completely in love with her kitchen. Simple, shiny and modern, with warm touch of bamboo blinds and the color on the walls which simply screams “sunny” – this kitchen is an Oscar worthy décor. The bedroom is soothing, with a large bed and wooden furniture. The ceiling wooden fan, makes the place feel like a seaside resort. In the end amazing green-yellow bathroom is bringing the perfect contrast of classic and modern.

Jessica’s house

Our homes are reflections of our personality and our overall style. It is no wonder Jessica’s house is so sublime, when her fashion choices are always unmistakable. Hopefully, these peeks will help you add a thing or two to your style – it is best to learn from the best.