February 2019


If your man has consented to you giving him a makeover, then he is a rare human being and you really shouldn’t let him go. It is many a girl’s dream to pick her guy’s wardrobe apart and style him in her preferred way. Let’s be real, as much as we love our men, it would be fun to see them wear something other than the usual pair of jeans and shirt to date night.

Whether you really are set to give your guy a much needed makeover or you are merely daydreaming about it, there are many affordable ways you can do so to take your guy’s street style from boring to bold. I am still waiting for my makeover permit to come through so until then, I will daydream about how I would do it with the fashion pieces found below.

Skinny everything

Skinny everything

I don’t know about you but I find that the skinny fit creates a much more polished and elegant look than the normal fit. While always keeping in mind the body shape of your guy, try the skinny fit on him by going for skinny fitting shirts and trousers. From sleek looking shirts worn to the office to dark denim skinny fit jeans for casual wear, this fit is great to turn him into a well-dressed man. You can also find him a tailor so that he can seam in some of his purchased items to make them fit perfectly to his body.

Introduce him to knitwear

Most guys seem to switch from suits and shirts for office wear to jeans and T-shirts for casual wear and it is not often that we come across men who wear knitwear. Well-fitted knitwear – not frumpy loose jumpers that are often unflattering – can be paired with so many outfits for many occasions. Your guy can rock his knitwear for the office with a suit or paired with denim for casual wear. Choose quality knits for him and don’t be afraid to play with colour to help him create stylish moments.

Teach him the art of accessorizing

When your guy’s idea of accessorizing is to put on a watch and nothing else, then it is time for you to step in. Take the time to play with his style here by choosing accessories to fit his lifestyle. You can take him to a tie shop and introduce bowties, pocket squares and ties if his style lacks that formal touch. You can also help him create a more casual cool style with hats, stunning shades and a bag that suits his lifestyle like a hold all bag or a satchel.

Find him the right outerwear

Find him the right outerwear

If you don’t want to overwhelm your guy with a lot of changes, then you can start small by finding him outerwear that are statement pieces. Go for a black leather jacket or a suede one. You can find your guy a classic trench coat that will never go out of style or a statement coat that will bring some edge to his outfits.

Show him shoe options

When sneakers and black pointy shoes are the only pairs you can find in his closet, then it is time to introduce him to some fun new pieces. For formal wear you can invest in brogues or even loafers, while edgy boots and plimsolls are perfect for stylish casual wear.

New Year has begun and so have your plans to try something new for fashion-enthusiasts, new make-up trends is a matter of keen interest. Here’s a list of 8 make up trends to help you look a class apart at any given occasion.

1) Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Almost, all make-up professionals swear by this classic shade for your lips. Either in satin, glossy or matte finish; bright red lipstick goes well with all skin tones or almost all types of attires.

2) Blue Eye-liner

bule eyeliner

Chuck that conventional yet black eye-liner and go for shades of blue. These include turquoise, cobalt, aqua marine, peacock-blue, cyan etc among other shades of blue. It would not only brighten up your eyes, but will also render a fresher and distinctive look. Since eyes are quite delicate and prone to infections, choose reputed brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme etc. while buying cosmetic online or offline.

3) Peach and Pink Eye-shadows

peach eyeshdow

Pinks and peaches are not just for your lips, but also for your eye-lids. These colors has eye-shadows can make your look both demure and sensual at the same time. Women with fairer to wheatish skin tone should go for lighter shades of these two colors. On the contrary, dusky ladies should choose darker shades of pink and peach.

4) Glittery Lids

Glittery Lids

Glittery is not equal to gaudy anymore. Apply a little glitter on your eye-lids and be a trend-setter in your gang of girls. Be subtle! Do not overload your eye-lids with glitter. The idea here is to try something new, and not end up making your face look like a 3D sparkle sheet.

5) Bronze-Tones

bronze makeup

Bronze make-up is the sure shot way to get that tanned-yet-radiant look. The trick here is to use a bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone. While sheer shades suit most of the skin tones, darker shades with heavy pigments are apt for people with fairer skin tone. Add a luminizer in your foundation to create a natural looking base. This would help enhance the bronze-effect.

6) Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids

To make head turn, spot a twisted braid in this season. It is not only a stylish choice, but also suits both formal and informal occasions. This low-maintenance hairstyle looks even more chic and trendy if you have got streaks.

7) French Manicure

French Manicure

Seductive, neat, well-groomed, look everything at once by getting this French Manicure with a twist. Angular shaped nails with hints of color on the frontal tips will add that oomph factor to your personality.

8) Single-spot accentuation

subtle contouring

Instead of highlighting your cheekbones, jaw-lines and nose at once, choose any one area to contour. This kind of subtle contouring will give a more natural look to your face.

To ensure that make-up products are genuine and skin-safe, buy make-up products from reputed stores such as NewU.

Which trend are you going to follow? Comment in this section below and join the discussion now.

Celebrities spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on their look. Hair and a simple cut, void of flourishes, will run up to $500, depending on the stylist. Celebrity hair stylists who work at the top echelon of stardom primp those names that we know and love so much, like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Mila Kunis. These men and women worked hard to get where they are and have paid their dues. For this reason, it seems unfair (to them) that many of their tips can be done at home and cheaply.

Can you imagine getting the look that you want, every time you want it? And even better, imagine not paying an arm and a leg for celebrity short hairstyles. Sometimes all you need is the right tool or tip, some products and perhaps a friend to get the look that you’re craving for.

1. Keep your ends trimmed.

Keep your ends trimmed

Even when growing your hair out, be sure to keep up with clean, trimmed, ends on a fairly regular basis. First, split ends are not pretty. Second, your hair will grow faster when you remove the broken bits.

How often you cut your hair is a different story. Regular means different things to different hair textures and styles. For example, short hair should be trimmed more frequently, from 4-6 weeks, while long hair can last around 2 months between trims. Also, conditioning your hair will help to keep it strong between trims/cuts.

2. You can concoct emergency hair remedies, conditioners and hair-strengthening solutions from the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen!

Home remedies for hair

Lots of the ingredients that many of us have at home work wonderfully as beauty aids. Honey, egg, mayonnaise, lemon and beer are only a few simple items that powerfully improve the appearance of hair. Many of these items contain vitamins, minerals and even protein (more beer, please) that hair loves. Another helpful tip is to use coconut oil. A little oil goes a long way to smooth and condition your hair.

3. Use products but don’t abuse them.

Hair Products

Deep-conditioning treatments, serums, sprays and gels all have a purpose. And they work well. The key to getting the best results from these tools are to use them as they are meant to be used. A little will do a lot for your look. When you overuse these products, however, you run the risk of damaging, drying and weighing down your hair.

4. Choose a hair color that compliments your appearance, not one that washes it out.

Hair color

When picking a hair color, choose one that warms up to your skin tone and eye color. Dark hair against a pale complexion, for example, can make someone look washed out and sick.

Maybe it is because of Clark Kent hiding his real persona behind his glasses. Maybe it is because of Gregory Peck looking dashing and enigmatic while donning round rimmed reading glasses in To Kill a Mockingbird, or maybe it is because times have changed and geek chic is so on trend but regardless, more and more women are finding men with glasses utterly irresistible.

These days, with the fashion industry taking a lead into this niche, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right glasses for your face. From high end men’s designer glasses to more commercial frames, finding the right guy donning a sexy pair of eyeglasses has never been more exciting. We all have our personal reasons why we find men in glasses super hot and below are just some of the reasons why…

Looks and brains

Looks and brains

Eyeglasses suggest bookishness and intelligence and who wouldn’t want to be with a guy who is well-educated? Knowledge is power and power can be a very sexy trait in the eyes of any woman.

The good guy

The Good Guy

It always feels a bit easier when you introduce your guy to your parents if he wears glasses. Eyeglasses are often associated with the good guy, making it easier for your parents to love him. More than that, it makes it easier for us to trust him and to open up.

Geek chic at its finest

Geek chic at its finest

We love men who play with accessories and different styles of eyeglasses only make us fall more in love with these men. From Clark Kent inspired rectangular glasses to Gregory Peck’s round rimmed vintage inspired frames, eyeglasses have made the leap from practical to fashion statement pieces.

No nonsense kind of guy

No nonsense kind of guy

A man who wears eyeglasses is not hiding behind contact lenses. He is the no nonsense kind of guy who is not afraid to be himself and doesn’t really care what you think about him and his eyeglasses. Needless to say, such confidence is sure to attract any woman.

Always looks professional

Always looks professional

It is a safe bet that when you hang out with a guy who wears eyeglasses, he will always look professional even on his off days. Whether he is in denim and a shirt or knitwear and chinos, casual days with this guy will always come with a look of professional elegance.

It’s not just about looks

strong personality

When you go out with a guy who wears eyeglasses, then you know he is not one to rely solely on his looks. With this in mind, you can expect a strong personality, one who can hold a conversation and entertain you; one who can teach you a few things and maybe even make you fall in love.

Ultimately, what is important is the guy behind the specs but it is always a bonus to find a guy who can rock eyeglasses and exude a confident, stylish and exciting personality to sweep you off your feet.

For every girl who enters adulthood, the prom night of her high school remains one major milestone. She does want to look her best for herself and for her date and be the envy of all the other girls present. But the major mind-wracking that goes before the day, is mainly for the dress to choose. Do you want to look sophisticated or funky? Do you prefer the sweet teen look or want to look matured and suave? Think according to your preference and of course your looks and decide on one.

Long Prom Dress
Long Prom Dress

With prom dresses, one can achieve a look that can be classy, sophisticated and fun at the same time and here are some tips as to why and how to choose the perfect dress.

  • Prom dresses are not hard to find and most of them appear to be the same. How can one choose from the multitude of dresses that are on display? There is one major universal truth- that is that thought each and every girl on the planet is very pretty and beautiful in her own way, she will always have some insecurity deep down regarding her body type. A long prom dress can be the perfect camouflage since it hides most of the flaws below the dress. A dress can be long and yet there are quite a few silhouettes to choose from. A long dress has fabric where a designer can work her magic and transform it into a wonderful dress.
  • As mentioned earlier, the long prom dress is an important milestone because it is a big even for a girl entering adult life. After high school she would go off to college and meet a whole new world out there. Long prom dresses are perfect to mark this transformation. There is something about an elegant evening gown that makes a teenager turn into a grownup who is now ready to take on the world. There is something for everyone and they can also be customized according to the body types.
Long Prom Dress
Long Prom Dress
  • The long prom dresses are also appropriate for a formal occasion, which after all every prom is. There might be entertainment later, but the evening always starts on a formal note. The men are expected to turn up in tuxedos and there is a reason why the parties mostly hire limousines. There is almost always a formal dance and there can be nothing better than a long and flowing dress to make the girl feel like a princess attending a ball. Mostly, the dresses are also meant to ensure that the occasion is given all due respect as every such party has a dress code. Evening gowns are the most appropriate and there can be nothing better than long dresses to match up to the occasion.
  • Those who are on a budget often wonder that will it be a wise decision to invest on a very expensive prom gown. After all, a prom happens once in a lifetime and might not it be more suitable to buy a less expensive one. However, good dresses come at a price and something less expensive might not be as classy and sophisticated that one wanted it to be. The best thing in this regard would be to buy a sweeping floor length evening gown that can double up as evening dresses for other occasions as well. In fact, it might be a very good idea to invest in a really classy and sophisticated dress, which is sure to retain its classic appeal even a few years down the line. Classic silhouettes and fabrics like silk, satin or lace, though expensive, will always have a timeless appeal and what can be a better occasion of wearing it than for the first prom?

With a long prom dress every girl is sure to become a show stealer on the big day.

Ah, it’s your wedding day and you probably can’t be more excited than you already are! And, if we are to be completely honest, you should be! Your wedding day is your time to shine and with these beauty tricks we’ve singled out for you, you’ll definitely be the talk of the wedding – not because you have to be talked about (since it’s your wedding day) but because you’ll look so good that all eyes will be on you!

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your summer wedding day unforgettable:

Embrace nature

Since you’ve opted for a summer wedding, it’s clear you are a romantic, a free soul if you will – so, your W day is the perfect time to embrace it! The less makeup the better, no heels, easy materials and nothing too constrained clothes-wise.

embrace nature

Mess it up

Summer is that time of year when we just wash our hair and let it fall down in natural locks. For your wedding, opt for a styled up version of natural vibes – curl your hair and style it up with a flower behind your ear, wear loose braids, a messy bun or a ponytail or, for a boho chic look, take a chance with a wet hair sleek back (the hair doesn’t have to be really wet, but your hairdress will help you make it look so) to imitate emerging from the ocean. Whichever style of these you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Let the sun kiss you

You are probably going to be super tanned by the time you are to walk down the isle; although don’t force that too dark a look many summer brides make a mistake of practicing – it looks fake and instead of sending the glowy summer vibe it sends a oh-my-god-I-fell-asleep-in-the-sun vibe.

let the sun kiss you

Anyway, your a bit darker skin will be an amazing base for light makeup. Big lashes, a bit of shimmer on the eye lids, a bi of blush on the cheekbones and a lipstick – and you are done! We’d suggest a lipstick in mauve, coral, beige or any other natural naked palette as the summer calls for freshness and easy. If you really want a piece of your makeup to stand out, wear red or some other darker lipstick – it can be a good balance to the “nakedness” of your look.

Wear nothing

…nothing that makes you uncomfortable! Choosing clothes that will make you suffer a heat stroke is not going to do you any justice, no matter how gorgeous your dress look. If you are sweating heavily (and you will in any clothes that too curve-hugging), nobody will be looking at the dress at all but the pools of sweat dripping down your skin! Instead, opt for light materials and flowy cuts that will imitate the easiness of the summer and you can style it with chic and bewitching jewelry pieces for boho inspired look. If you’ve got a good pair of legs, wearing a shorter wedding dress is also a great, unusual and fun option. For all of you who really can’t do without a dress that emphasizes their curves and is tight, we’d suggest opting for natural materials that will feel good on the skin – that way, you’ll look like you’ve always dreamed you will and be cool at the same time.

wear nothing uncomfortable

High heels? No, thanks

A summer wedding isn’t the time to wear heels unless you are throwing a wedding in a fancy hotel overweening the sea. If you are getting married on the beach, choose flats that will complete your already laid back adorable style – from ballerina shoes to flip flops, anything flies! If you care to challenge your inner wild child, exchange your vows barefoot! It will be absolutely amazing, fun and unique – the guests will probably talk about it for months after the reception!

Have a happy wedding, you gorgeous little flower and live happily ever after!

Gearing up for the special valentine evening, but don’t understand how to achieve that perfect look? It happens with most of the girls. And, if you are the one, don’t let yourself down. Just read on!

There are a lot of style lessons to learn from Bollywood’s reigning queen Deepika Padukone who certainly knows how to make heads turn. From that perfect outfit to the right accessories, she can be your inspiration this valentine.

Several style cues are to be taken from Deepika, here’s a few:

Simple isn’t too bad

Apply this to your wardrobe or makeup and you will hardly get unnoticed. There have been events when Deepika kept it simple – from outfit to accessories – and still made a style statement. Oh yes, it needs extra cautiousness while wearing makeup, it has to be in a manner to highlight the best features of your face.

Give new things a must try

Deepika red outfit

Going unconventional is definitely the way to rock! While Deepika adheres to what suits her body the best, she never gives up experimenting and trying new things.

Go classy, but feel sassy

Deepika's Classy look

The actress knows how to make an appeal effortlessly. Floral classic prints and the classic hairdo is the way to step out! Focus on the essence she exudes.

Spice up the formals

Deepika in formals

Give a sexy touch to your pantsuits and explore more with the formals. Just look at the way Deepika creates variations with her formals and draws the best out of her ensemble. This is a trick that confident girls would love to try.

Comfy jeans and t-shirt

Deepika in Comfy jeans and t-shirt

Don’t give up your comfort while trying to look different. Even classic blue jeans with a white t-shirt can give you the kind of look you want, just try to ensemble them fashionably. This combination never goes out of the fashion.

Although you would love to follow Deepika and her style, but she believes in creating her own style that you should also take a note of! So, follow her fashion, but define your own style and do not give up experimenting!

Deepika, you rock!

You would surely not deny that the winter is here and your summer glow would fade away. It’s the time to put an end to the notion of dull, lusterless winter skin. Your face should look radiant and glowing all through the year, given that you have some really good products at your home.

Scroll down and see how you could manage to preserve that summer glow in winter. These five tips would work wonders for you:

Moisturize and hydrate your skin

Get a lighter and brighter foundation

Winter is here so keeping your skin hydrated is essential. Suddenly, you would find that moisturizer that worked wonders till now has suddenly stopped working. Give a damm! Get a good serum to apply underneath to boost the glow. A hydrating serum, eye cream must complete your cupboard. A stellar body cream or oil would also get you the soft, supple skin this winter. They can make a radiant base.

Get a lighter and brighter foundation

Get a lighter and brighter foundation

Going too heavy handed with your foundation can ruin your look in winters. Say goodbye to the full coverage matte formula, and get tinted moisturizers. Light reflecting concealer makes a good choice for the glowing face.

Pay attention to your cheeks

Pay attention to your cheeks

Settle with a blush to make your face look alive and brighten your complexion. It’s important during winters when your skin tends to lose its luster. Choose warm color that suits your skin. You can identify the shade by pinching your cheeks.

Apply the bronzer

Apply the bronzer

It’s not crazy to get the bronzer look, when you carefully pick one that is lighter than the shed you wear during summers. A small pinch of shimmer in the bronzer would make your skin lustrous and complete your look for the season.

Your eyes say it all

Your eyes say it all

Tired eyes can kill your glow completely so don’t dare to neglect them. Add lightness to the eyes by wearing light-colored metallic shadow. Try applying concealer first if your eyelids appear darker.

Follow these makeup tricks and get ready to win the world!

Fashion is an expression of your personality. How you dress up or what you wear, everything says something about you. Even your favorite shoes say a thousand words about you. So what’s you’re waiting for girl, let the world check out your style and keep guessing your hotness quotient.

Let’s check here what the shoes you pick has to say about you:



You are a glamorous diva with pumps for every occasion, especially for happening Saturday nights. You can’t go without them when it comes to reflecting your style.

Kitten hills

Kitten heels

You love to dress up perfectly and live life like a colorful pin board. Probably, you have seen every rom-com ever made!

Lace-up flats

Lace-up flats

You have a wonderful collection of black clothes, and your jeweler collection is as funky as you.



People would not take much time to place you in the category of really ‘cool girl’.



Let the weekend arrive, and you can be seen playing volleyball games, enjoy biking, or hikes. After all, your life doesn’t seem going if there isn’t a little of adventure.

Flip flop

Flip flop

You like to play volleyballs, but on beach sides instead of the practice ground. Comfort is the most obvious choice you have.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots

You are the trend setter for the next season. You have got an impeccable sense of style that influences others.



Freedom and movement is above all, everything comes secondary. Hipster doesn’t seem out of the world to you.

Slip-On Sneakers

Slip-On Sneakers

You don’t have time for laces while decking up. Quite busy schedule you might have!



You would never think to retire your UGGs as it is the best thing that happens to your feet besides those furry socks.

Knee high boots

Knee high boots

You are the one to bring life to any party. You can dance in circles with your friends even in those high heels.



You have that magic to turn any social outing into a good networking opportunity. You go the smarter way.

Casino seems thrilling to many for the risks involved. No one knows exactly what will happen after a night out at casino, but there can be one thing for certain – you can possibly remain assured that you will be well dressed for the evening. It is an awful feeling when you are not well dressed for a certain occasion, and the same stands true for a casino. It affects your overall confidence that you would certainly not want to let the world see.

Dressing up for a casino is different than any other occasion. If you have never been to any such place, you might not exactly know how to deck yourself up for the place. The only reference you may have from movies or Katy Perry videos.

Here’s a simple guide to help you dress up well for a casino:

At home

When you plan for a happening casino party at home, and use the games of your choice, you might turn it into a big costume party – guys in black suits and women in their favorite little black dresses or long red gowns.

Dresses for party

There’s nothing much messy about playing casinos at home as you can even play some thrilling games from home. Online casino is a hot trend on several websites like Casino com, for example, and several others. It can be a fun activity at home and you can enjoy it with friends even in night suits.

Typical casino night out in the town

If you decide to go out and hit a night club, you may need to know a few little things to dress up well for the place. You are fortunate, as there is nothing mandatory for these places. So you would not be kicked out even if you decide to wear your favorite pair of jeans. Gone are the days when wearing a tuxedo was a norm for a casino night out.

dress codes

Dress codes are a bit relaxed now and you can even see people wearing shorts and t-shirts. However, you are recommended to change your mood if you have plans for dining out at an elegant restaurant after the casino. You can wear trousers, short or long-sleeved shirts and a pair of loafers to complete your look. Choose a well-fitted t-shirt, a polo shirt, a dress pair of pants, coupled with a belt and watch to dress up like a handsome hunk.


For elegant women, a little black dress is always a winner, full length gowns coupled with a pair of hot pumps is an ultimate winner. It can change with the theme so researching the environment is a good idea. Aim for smart casuals and a fantastic array of accessories – from jewelry to watches for the perfect casino look.

If you want to let the confusion pass by, online casino gives you the freedom to leave everything and wear just anything!