February 2019


Its time to reinvent your wardrobe discreetly with classy yet sophisticated denim jeans or shirt. Rock your denims in any chic possible way. Either you wanna drool at fabulous like celebrities or just show off your style statement , this blog will help you to flaunt your denims as much as you can and I am so certain you will never go out of style.

Denim T-shirt – Add some attitude to your blue button down denim T-shirt with black denim jeans. I am sure, your friends get envy while see you in different avatar. To complement this look, you can carry sling bag and blazing red pouts.

Denim T-shirt

Denim black or blue jeans – Nothing is more sassy then flaunting your curves with denim jeans. Enhance your look either with floral or plain top and fedora hats. Effortless chic in an instant. Enter the statement making territory with animals shoes and chic tote.

Denim black or blue jeans

Denim on denim – Wear blue denim on denim, when you are planning to hang out with your friends for a long day. You can adore this look with blazing red pout, black silhouette and a hat.

blue denim on denim

Denim T-shirt with leggings – Bring out your favorite leggings from the wardrobe and throw it with denim. Be the fashionista and flaunt your curves. You can reinvent this look by carrying plain or simple belt. Accompaniment this look either with ballet flats or heels.

Denim T-shirt with leggings

White Denims – When the things are heating up, it’s time to lighten up. If Blue or black denim jeans is not your style, grab the white one. Swap your blue denim t-shirt or printed top with White Denims. You will never go out of style with this look. Else, you can pristine whole look white and embellish it with pearl necklace and wedges.

White Denims

Here are another more ways to carry ladylike dresses of denim. You can pair your denim T-shirt with polka dot skirt to create rock n roll look. Pair your denim short skirt with floral printed top and complement this with hat will give tough look. Add the blink of style and curate your wardrobe with fashion denims.

Whether you are going on date or weekend brunch above tips will work every where and add touch of glamorous to your look.

There are going to be several places where you can find hair extensions in London, especially if you look in several different shops and several different types of salon. You will probably see quite a few varieties, classes of hair and colours. Finding the extensions themselves is not generally a problem, but finding the ones that you want or that suit you best can be extremely difficult as there may be a few to choose from and without the greatest amount of prior experience or advice from friends you aren’t realistically going to be able to choose which type of extension that you want.

clip-in extensions
clip-in extensions

The first thing that you want to be doing from the very beginning in my opinion is knowing the difference between human hair and synthetic extensions. This is a key point to bear in mind as they are very different in what they can do and the service that they offer, and this isn’t always apparent to those that don’t purchase extensions on a regular basis. The most noticeable way in which synthetic and human hair extensions differ is in their price at first glance when you go into stores. Synthetic materials are obviously far cheaper than human hair when sourced, and this means that in stores synthetic hair extensions will naturally be cheaper.

It may also be worth noting that you are much more likely to find synthetic extensions in beauty stores and smaller salons because of the fact that they are specifically targeted at those that cannot afford human hair extensions. However, human hair will always be found in higher end salons, some smaller salons and occasionally in stores (although usually online stores). For instance, has human hair extensions in their online store and salon, and sells clip-in extensions in London.

Clip-In Extension
Clip-In Extension

However, the difference between these extension types that should drive you away from synthetic extensions has to be that of what both of the products do. Synthetic extensions are near impossible to style and not resistant to heat or moisture, which limits your options with them. Human hair on the other hand acts as your regular human hair would, and so you can style them with straighteners, curlers or whatever you want really. This in turn makes them a superior extension to have, and so if you ask yourself the question “where can I find clip-in extensions in London” I implore to look to find a professional salon to have them implemented for you. There are so many available in London and it would be a shame to lose another to the trap of synthetic extensions.

To conclude, clip-in hair extensions can be found in many places but you need to make sure that you pick up the human hair clip-ins rather than the lesser synthetic extensions as you just don’t receive the same level of satisfaction or service.

Did you know that dreaming about shoes can actually reflect your state of mind? According to psychologists, it may signify whether you are feeling grounded or may even indicate your self esteem levels! What’s more, according to Suzanne Ferris, the editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes”, your shoe addiction or affinity also has a scientific explanation! So, if you happen to be addicted to your high-heeled leather boots to such an extent that parting with them seems impossible, there’s nothing actually abnormal about it!

So, what should you do to protect your leather boots and flaunt them in style during the rainy season? Do you need specialized shoe care equipment or would you need to buy a shoe rack online for proper storage? Here’s a look at some simple, yet effective measures that would restore the health of your coveted leather footwear, even on a rainy day.

How to Care : DO IT YOURSELF

To begin with, it is important to understand that the problem here is twofold. The first one is dealing with excessive moisture and wetness. The second is about all the dirt and mud that would accumulate on your coveted boots when you wear them regularly. Here are some remedies that might help:

#1 You Need to Have At least 2 Pairs:


Well, to start with, if you must flaunt leather footwear in the rainy season, you need to have multiple options and alternate between them. Remember, for restoring leather you need to allow ample time for drying out before stacking them away in your shoe rack. Damp leather is extremely sensitive to heat and this will result in hardening of the texture, leading to cracks when they are flexed.

#2 Use the Correct Technique for Drying:

Technique for Drying
Technique for Drying

Well, putting out your branded leather boots in the sun will make them crisp as sandpaper, forming cracks easily. For drying out effectively, stuff your wet boots with newspaper or tissue paper and keep them at room temperature. The paper will absorb all the moisture from the footwear and dry them out. Remember, your shoes need to be completely dry before you can store them back inside the shoe rack. Remove the newspapers and stuff them with fresh, dry ones before stacking them away.

#3 Control Moisture Exposure:

baking soda in boot
baking soda in boot

The glue that keeps the sole attached to the shoe weakens with moisture exposure. In addition, if the shoes are not used for a long time, the moisture can even cause cracks in the soles. In order to keep the moisture exposure in control, it is always a good idea to keep a small pouch of baking soda or charcoal inside each shoe. This absorbs moisture and keeps the pair dry.

#4 Cleaning and Polishing:

Cleaning and Polishing Boots
Cleaning and Polishing Boots

Spraying your shoes with water repellent sprays during the monsoons is a good idea. If your shoe accumulates dirt or mud, use a soft brush or cloth to remove debris. Use a wax polish for cleaning them, since they repel water. It is important to clean your boots on a daily basis during the monsoons.

#5 Specialized Storage:

Storage for Boots
Storage for Boots

Look for a water and dust proof shoe rack online for storing your boots, if you don’t already have one. Consider an open shoe rack or keep the covered doors open during the day time through the rainy season. This will ensure proper ventilation for your footwear, keeping them fresh and odor free.

If you are fond of heels, make sure you attach a rubber heel cover before venturing out on a wet day. This will protect the heels and prevent wear and tear. Following some simple care tips can ensure that your boots look gorgeous.

A sunglass is the one accessory which has the power of taking your outfit from a mere 7 to 10! Even if you are not big on clothes, investing in as little as 4 sunglasses can change the outfit game for you. They can up the ante and help you make an instant style statement. Be it colored reflective sunglasses which can pep up a monochrome outfit look or cat eye shaped sunglasses which can provide definition to your face, they are a wardrobe staple! But before you go on to purchase your first pair of sunglasses inspired by your favorite celebrity look, read this guide to know about the common mistakes which people make while buying sunglasses:

1. The more expensive, the better it is!

How many times have you come across sales people who push you into buying costly sunglasses and terming them as better from their competition? Do not give in to their talks because you should know that they are more interested in making their commission than helping you. Having a designer fetish is okay but that should not happen at the cost of your eyes. Buying a lavish pair of sunglasses is no guarantee that you are purchasing the best protection wear for your eyes. You might just be paying for the name! Ensure that your chosen pair offers a good percentage of protection from the harmful UV rays.

2. The darkest tint is my best friend!

Do you count on the tint of the sunglasses to block the harsh sunrays? Have you purchased sunglasses just by going through their dark tint? If yes, it’s time to purchase a new one by using jabong coupons which will  fetch you discounts and cashback. Do not go by the darkness of the tint when shopping for one because that’s no sure shot way to protect your vision. Sunglasses with light tint also can provide a good amount of protection to your eyes, provided you read the label.

3. Forgetting your face shape

Time and again, it has been said that sunglasses should only be purchased after you have figured out what shape suits best on your face. Find out your face shape first if you don’t know how to using the measuring tape method. Once you have figured out the shape of your face, read guides on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for your face shape. If you have a round face, investing in round vintage sunglasses won’t do any good to your face structure. Your round face needs some definition and not any more roundness. Cat eye and wayfarer can be your best bet if you have a round face shape.

4. Polarized sunglasses = UV protection

Many people have this big misconception that if their sunglasses are polarized, their eyes are protected also from the UV rays. Polarized sunglasses only protect from the glare you come across in everyday activities such as driving car, swimming and not from the harsh sunrays. If you travel frequently in sun, polarized plus UV protection sunglasses will provide the maximum protection to you in shielding your eyes. So make a point to always read the label and the whole product description if you have any confusion.

5. Not considering frame size

Considering the sframe size while choosing a perfect pair of sunglasses is very vital. Frame size means the actual fit of the sunglasses. Ignoring the frame size means inviting trouble while wearing sunglasses as they won’t fit you properly and you will find them uncomfortable to wear. The three aspects i.e. eye size, bridge size and temple length must always be kept in mind. Smaller sized frames work better with smaller faces and similarly larger sized frames work better with larger faces.

Hope you don’t make these mistakes when purchasing your first pair of sunglasses after reading this article!

India is world renowned for the beautiful colors and intricate designs found in the traditional Saree’s of the devout and customary women of India. The brands and styles of the west are finding their way into more and more closets of the modern day Indian woman. Finding your way to the time-honored traditions of India, intertwined with the contemporary designs of the west, is as easy as visiting Snapdeal and create an affordable and stylish look. These top brands offer the best of both worlds.  Check out these top 5 brands to find the look that suits your fashion forward needs.
1.American Swan

Looking for a youthful and fresh look? Look no further than American Swan. This international brand has a renowned motto of being authentic and allowing you to be “AS I AM.” American Swan helps your find a style so you can express exactly who you are. Not only is this an affordable brand with a unique style, it provides quality and variety. Utilize your Snapdeal discount coupons to find the style that completes you!
2.Being Human

Being Human
Image Source: Fashion360

Want to look good and do good things? Look no further than this top global brand. Being Human donates its proceeds to support education and healthcare in areas of great need in India. The brand provides quality and professional wear with a youthful and colorful flare.
3.Wills Lifestyles

Wills Lifestyles
Image Source: Images.Colorific

Looking for professionalism without the cost? Wills lifestyle offers the latest in women’s professional and casual wear without the high cost. The variety of colors, fabrics, and styles are suited for the busy professional with a great sense of style. Find Wills Lifestyles online and use your Jabong deals for extra savings.

This Indian fashion brand has been embellishing the women of India since 1986. The word Biba is a Punjabi term of endearment that means “young and pretty girl”. Biba offers a beautiful variety of traditional and ethic designs that are created with quality and convention in mind. This brand carries it’s mantra throughout each piece of clothing by helping women of every age feel like a young and pretty girl.
5.Global Desi

Global Desi
Image Source: Pinkvilla

This vibrant and delightful brand is a boho-chic that is grounded in the colorful country of India. The collection is 100% inspired by the vibrancy and flamboyant nature of India, merged with the charming boho-chic styles of the west. This line offers the best of both worlds by creating a fashion forward western piece, with the embellishments and colors of the east. Express your sense of adventure whether you are globetrotting around the world or expressing your sense of adventure, this collection creates an unmistakable mix of east and west cultures. Not sure where to find this brand? Check out Snapdeal for affordable quality without the high prices!

Be it any occasion, a skirt is something which complements every body type.  No matter, long or short, pleated or flare, a skirt adds grace to your overall look and makes you look at your best.  So, be bold and get experimental this season. We bring you top 5 skirt styles that you should be spotting this season to mark your best expression.

1. Ethnic Long Skirt

Ethnic Long Skirt
Image Source: Gorgeautiful

Fill your closet with a long vibrant and colorful ethnic skirt, perfect for any auspicious day or be the ‘glowing you’ to dazzle at your office or college.

2.Edgy – Asymmetrical skirt

Asymmetrical Skirts
Image Source: Smoothfm

Well, the type of skirt is the latest addition to the fashion trends.  Pick a color that suits you and go bold with big clutches and brand watches to mark your own fashion statement.  Not everyone can sport this look.

3. Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts
Image Source: Atodmagazine

When it comes to Midi skirts, you can go gaga for bold colors or choose to drape yourself in solid and floral prints. Talking about our personal favorite trend, a full Midi skirt is all we want to say.

4. Skater Skirt

Skater Skirt
Image Source: Justlia

A skater skirt is one of the hottest styles to follow this season. Pair your with crop tops, shirts or cami tops.  And you are all ready to for shopping with your girlies and hitting the night club.

5. Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts
Image Source: Idiva

Add a pleated maxi skirt, a pleated mini skirt or a Chiffon pleated skirt into your wardrobe.  Available in huge range of fabrics and plenty of prints, you just can’t seem to have enough of pleats.

When it comes to make up, a look is incomplete without a complimentary lipstick. Ladies, just like us, if you are also little obsessed about owing lipstick shades, then, we bring you five must have lipsticks for every girl. Be it office, college or just a casual day out, your lips need to look their best. So, check out these five lip shades and nurture your lips with the best.

1. A Bright Orange Lipstick: Add a pop of color to your overall look with a bright orange lipstick; some people find it hard to pull off this tone. A matte finish orange shade works best for everyone.

Bright Orange Lipstick
Image Source: Mypaleskin

2. A Classic Red: Trust us, when it in:sent comes to red lipstick, you may have to try fifty shades of red to find the perfect one that suits your personality. It is one of the most classic shades and there is a perfect shade of red available for every skin tone.

Classic Red lipstick
Image Source: Travelandstyle

3. A Hot Pink Lipstick: Wear a hot pink lipstick any time of any day and you are all set for night party or summer brunch. This shade of lipstick brings out the best feminine look and makes you feel fresh all day.

Hot Pink lipstick
Image Source: Ytimg

4. A Nude Lipstick: Even a dash of nude lipstick against a summer dress make heads turn. You just have to hunt for the perfect nude shade that won’t make you look dead and correctly balance out your skin tone.

Nude Lipstick
Image Source: Myfreeproductsamples

5. A MLLB (My Lips but Better Lipstick): When everything fails, a MLLB lipstick would definitely work. This is an everyday lipstick which can be in the shades of pale brown, rosy pink or any shade that you love to wear anytime. They go best with casual tees, office outfits or Indian wears.

Rosy Pink Lipstick
Image Source: Turbo.Shamelessfripperies