Hi Fellas, today I have come up with another great skin product review which has done wonders on my skin and I would love to pass it to all of you. Damyang Bamboo Gel from The Face Shop is highly recommended and beneficial skin care product for women.  The Face Shop is basically a Koran skincare and cosmetics brand and the bamboo extract is again a pretty famous skin care product. It took a while to me to locate this product as it is not easily available in the market. But thanks to Amazon who brought me this bamboo gel in just 351 bucks due to heavy discount.

Bamboo Gel

Let’s discover the benefits of bamboo gel –

  • Since the bamboo extract has anti-aging properties, it repairs the damage cells and gives your skin desired youthful glow.
  • It simply works as bliss for dry skin as it moisturizes the skin completely and keep it hydrated as well.
  • This bamboo gel can also be used for hair to achieve frizz-free and shiny tresses.
  • Another benefit is that it can also be used as a makeup primer.
Bamboo Gel

Talking about the packaging of the product, it speaks what it does. I simply love the print on the container which has a beautiful picture of bamboo. And the best thing is that it comes with an extra lid, making it handy and travel-friendly. Carry this container with you anywhere and stay forever beautiful.


The consistency of the gel is very good as it completely absorbs into your skin. Also, the fragrance of this gel is soothing and refreshing. You can use bamboo gel as a face mark for better results. Since the gel contains alcohol, avoid the eye area while applying gel on your face.

The Face Shop Bamboo Gel


  • It’s very light and hydrating
  • It contains 99% bamboo extract
  • Paraben-free
  • Soothing to skin
  • Value for money


  • Contains alcohol
  • Available online only

My Rating – 4.5/5

I highly recommend this product to everyone as it is value for money. You can get Damyang Bamboo Gel from Nykaa and Amazon only.

Thank you for catching with me. If you want to read more reviews of different skin care products and cosmetics, then subscribe my blog and stay updated.

Everyone knows about the incredible power of restful sleep. You could go to bed absolutely exhausted and wake up feeling blissfully rejuvenated. A session of peaceful sleep is absolutely necessary for your body to recuperate well with the daily stress of life.  A good sleep is also linked with better overall health, making it even more imperative for you to clock in the mandatory number of hours and allow your body to recuperate well.

The energies in your bedroom, the temperatures, and the layout – all these things can have a lasting impact on the quality of your sleep. Just like you want to slip into the smoothest ladies’ night dress for a comfortable fit, you should set up the best foundation for luxurious sleep. Long gone is the time when you could focus on changing the mattress or the bedding so that falling asleep was simpler; more factors come into play to determine how your sleep cycle will be. Thankfully, the following modifications are the simplest to make, and thus can pave a way for uninterrupted sleep time:

1. Keep It Cool

Keep it cool

Not being able to fall asleep because you’re feeling too hot can be a discomforting experience. Sleep experts have pointed out that optimal temperature for rest lays between 16 degrees to 22 degrees. If you have an air conditioner in your bedroom, you may choose to keep your AC constant at 22 C or cool the room at 16 degrees a few hours before switching it off so that the temperature gets moderated naturally. You can also use other natural means such as opening windows or switching on the electric fan to lower the temperature. Luxurious nightwear from brands like After Dark also ensures your body temperature remains as cool as possible.

2. Keep It Dark

Keep It Dark

Suprachiasmatic nucleus can control your internal clock on the basis of the light signals received by your eyes. When light is detected, melatonin release is delayed, producing cortisol and eventually raising the body temperature, initiating the state of wakefulness. Women’s nightwear is designed such that you have a deep, restorative sleep, however, it may not be as effective if the lights are still on; dim lights also hamper the sleep cycle. Before sleeping, try to turn off every light in the bedroom. A small night light or an under-bed light could be of help if you worry about navigating to the bathroom at night.

3. Block Out The Sounds

Avoid phones Before Bedtime

Noises during sleep time can disrupt your deep sleep cycles. From televisions, laptops, flatmates to those snoring nearby, sounds can make it hard to get some uninterrupted sleep. If you live in a space with noise that’s beyond your control, consider using earplugs or white noise machine that can help you relax. Calming nature sounds are effective in reducing background noises and thus, making it simpler to fall asleep.

4. Keep Minimum Electronics

Keep Minimum Electronics

Our dependency on technology is such that the last thing we see before sleeping is our phone, laptop, or television screens. While the idea of Netflix and chill may seem extremely appealing, it’s actually harmful for the eyes and has a negative impact on your sleep duration.  One way to address this is by keeping minimal electronic items in the bedroom, so that you are not tempted to use the same before falling asleep. If that seems impossible, try maintaining a 30 minute to 1 hour gap between last viewing the digital screens and curling up in bed. Give your eyes the rest they deserve so that they can feel tired naturally, and your body can seem ready to catch some sleep.

5. Clear Up The Clutter

Clear Up The Clutter

Clean spaces attract positive energy, which is no news. A dirty or a messy space can distract you from calming down or drifting off. Taking out time to clear up the clutter every day, which can play a huge role in changing the energies in your bedroom. Make use of smart storage solutions to store in everything you need at an arms’ reach without making your space messy.

Dresses can easily be what summer is all about. Fuss-free, light, and billowy – all make for perfect ingredients to stay comfortable and cool when the mercury soars. While a wardrobe makeover becomes mandatory with the change in season, what matters is the content you are filling up your cupboard with. Crisp, light fabrics and bright colors that infuse energy into you is what you should aim to bring in.

Leading designers also infuse the same styles into apparel for their summer bridal collection. One look at the Manish Malhotra collection for the summer and you’ll know what we are talking about. Pastels and yellows add that dewy freshness to your look that makes you look luminescent under the harsh summer sun.  

Summer also gives you the flexibility of choosing among different skirt lengths, necklines, sleeves and much more when it comes to your dresses. The hottest season of the year deserves something hotter. Want to know the best ones that could spice up your look for a movie night with your girls or a party by the beach? Read on:

1. One Shoulder Maxi Dresses

One Shoulder Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses fall gracefully to your ankles and can look resplendent against the twinkling dusky skies. Think pool parties or outdoor celebrations, a one-shoulder maxi dress makes you stand out from the crowd and owing to its light silhouette keeps you comfortable. Koashee’s monochrome one shoulder dress is based in chanderi, which is comfortable even for those who seem to sweat a lot during the season. Stripes are a slimming pattern adding flattering length to your height. 

2. Colourful Shirt-Dresses

Super-stylish and the latest in vogue, shirt-dresses will be a spunky addition to your wardrobe. These versatile stunners can easily fit in as your smart casual wear to your workplace and are considered stylish enough to wear when catching up with your loved ones over a bite at lunch. Shirt-dresses are usually available with different prints and they stand out best with bold multi-color prints.  Payal Pratap’s shirt-dress perfectly captures that balance between color and chic style. 

3. Tea-Length Wrap Dresses

Tea-Length Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress is taking the world by storm and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a part of your wardrobe. Summer and wrap dresses have a beautiful love affair that has raised the temperatures in the fashion world. This summer, get your wrap dress fix with floral tea-length numbers. Falling gracefully to your calves, tea-length dresses take you back to the colonial times and its tea garden parties. Perfect for a dinner under a warm summer night is this Anita Dongre design rich in floral motifs and peppered with baby blues for that cool summer sky look.

4. Tie-Dye Halter Neck Dress

Tie-Dye Halter Neck Dress

Black, while not the most popular color for keeping cool in summers, is an all-time classic. If you want to rock the LBD, go for a unique pick this summer! Malini Ramani’s gorgeous tie-and-dye halter dress simply screams summer seduction. The sweet cutout neck and back is perfect to show off those toned back muscles and collarbones. Step out to the beach parties by donning them with gladiator sandals or don sleek black pencil heels to accentuate your calves. Get your summer LBD here.

One doesn’t need to worry when summers come up. Cottons, crepes, chanderi and light woven silk are among the finest fabrics for summer, making even those who are prone to sweating, extremely comfortable with these fabrics on. Dresses above and more can be found at Carma Online, the leading platform for luxury designer wear. From your summer looks to red carpet looks, from donning Manish Malhotra Designer Dresses to Sabyasachi’s regal wedding dresses, they have you covered. The summer collection on the website is definitely worth a stopover and a purchase. Rediscover your style with Carma Online; head there today and breeze through the summer with a stupendous wardrobe.

Ashley Graham, an American, a model, and a kickboxing lover


A short tour of her life:

Name: Ashley Ann Graham
Date of birth: 30 Oct 1998

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
Work: As model
Marital Status: Married

Her life from 12-year girl to a plus-sized model:


On 30 Oct 1987, she was born Lincoln, Nebraska. But she didn’t spend much time of her life at this place. In 1999, when Ashley was 12 years old she got a chance from an international modeling agency I & I because her attractiveness creates an impressive effect on this agency. And in the age of 12, she signed her life’s first project as a model. She doesn’t have to wait much after this project for her second project, after 2 years in 2001, she got her second contract Wilhelmina Models. In 2003, she flaunts her beauty with ford model and she just goes on with a lot of contracts and projects as a model.

The thing which makes Ashley differ from other is her plus-sized body. The combo of her plus-sized body curves and her beauty is destructible.

She exhibits her beauty in the lot of famous and admired fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. Levi’s campaigns also witness her beauty exhibition.

Ashley’s Education:

In 1999 she took admission in Scott Middle School and left this institute in  2002 and in the same year she took admission in Lincoln Southwest High School in 2005. At the age of 12, she starts working as a model, this will prove how talented she is.

Interesting about Ashley’s :

  • Ashley has a famous saying of her i.e. “This is for all the women who didn’t think they were beautiful because of their size.” which she said when she got featured in Sports Illustrated cover in 2016. This shows how great soul has.
  • She got more inspired and boost up when she has lingerie or bikini photoshoot in some days.
  • Mac and cheese her favorite guilty pleasure food.
  • In various humanitarian missions, she has participated, held in South Africa with the Themba Foundation.
  • She has also a website named same as her name
  • She was the first plus-size model to get featured on the covers of British Vogue and American Vogue.

Ashley’s better half: Her husband

Ashley’s husband

Justin Ervin, her husband. Both Ashley and Justin got married in 2010. Ashley meet Justin in 2009 and this will turn into a true love for Ashley and soon they got married.

Ashley’s Full Statics:

Her body:

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Glowing White

Body Weight: 91 kgs

Height: 5FT 9Inches

Measurement of body: 42-30-46 or 107-76-117 cm

Shoe Number: 10 (US)

Hip Size: 46 inches

Waist Size: 30 inches

Personal Details

Brother and Sister: Two younger sisters

Nationality: American

Religion: N/A

Occupation: Plus-sized model

Interests and Hobbies

Food she likes: French Fries

Color she likes: Black

Sport she likes: Tennis

Workout: Kickboxing

Movie she admires: Gypsy Eyes, Boys Klub

Celebrity she likes: Tilda Swinton

List of brand endorsement:


Elomi Lingerie, Evans, Hanes

Lane Bryant

Levi’s, Macy’s


Old Navy

Simply Be

Target and lot more

Ashley’s  Weight Loss:

In the year 2017, all her fans get surprised when she posted her photo when she proves that she lose weight from her body. She posted her photo on Instagram. Key methods which she adopts for weight loss:

  1. Balanced Diet
  2. Her daily routine workout

Her diet:

In an interview with her given to an online magazine, she shared her daily routine which helps her to lose weight.

  • Ashley starts her day by sipping the smoothie and checking emails.
  • A daily green juice is her definition of being healthy. She loves the mix healthy juice of kale, lemon, ginger, beets, apple, and parsley. She replaced her breakfast with this green juice.
  • Now at lunch, brown rice and quinoa which includes vegetables and it.
  • At dinner, she prefers arugula salad, baked salmon, and sweet potato.
  • Her all-time favorite snack is Green Giant(a type of green juice).
  • If you ever visit Ashley’s kitchen you will surely find these three things: Fresh garlic, tahini sauce, and honey.

These all things are in her diet and she continually follows this balanced diet.

Her workout:

Along with a balanced and healthy diet she also believes in the workout. Her favorite workout is kickboxing.

The things which she does in her workout are;

  • Warm-up squats: 20 reps.
  • Legs Lunges
  • Cardio- Ball Smash

This workout routine is designed by Dawin Pena for Ashley.

The gym is becoming important part of her daily routine. She workout hard in the gym to maintain her curves. For making her legs little bulky she does daily cycling from Brooklyn to Harlem and back, along with cycling she also does hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. Aerobic sessions and high-intensity cardio are also the main part of her workout routine.

Are you summer ready??? If yes still you think it’s fashionable??? Let’s try something ‘out of the box’ and dress to beat the heat this season. Here are some sassy fashion tricks which are the best to rock your summer look and make heads turn around. It’s time to slay the world!!!

Be it men or women, we all know what it takes to stay fashionable and trendy without negotiating with our darling comfort. But let me tell you that the true fashion experts are those only who never put their comfort and individual style at stake to just look gorgeous. Are you the one??? It’s 2018 and it’s the right time to have your own unique style and fashion statement to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Make sure that you wear the right kind of accessories and add-ons to make it top notch and simply stunning. Here are some sneaky fashion tricks to try this summer and bring the best out of your fabulous self in split seconds. There you go, gorgeous!!!

Baggy is Sexy

That’s true. Baggy is undoubtedly sexy and eye-catching.

Gone are the days when wearing body hugging or tight fitted clothes were fashion. Now, fashionistas crave to slip into baggy chic dresses. The best thing about ill fitted staples is that they look way cool and stylish without even sticking to your torso. Also, these gorgeous women wears go perfect with the scorching heat of summers and itchy weather. Be baggy!!!

Scarves are Saviours

If nothing impresses you and you don’t even have time to change the complete attire, find out your most fave scarf to alter the whole look instantly. What say??? Isn’t the best way to be the star of any occasion??? Scarves are actually one of the most fascinated fashion accessories of summers and can make you the style icon of the generation in just snap.

High Boots are Fashion

High boots are simply the best fashion hack of the season which can spiff up any look instantly. Don’t you know that??? Whether you are dressed in pant suit or short denim dress, you can glam up your overall personality with a pair of sassy boots. Also, it’s a fashion myth that boots are only for winters. Don’t lag behind when it comes to fashion. Buy a pair of sexy thigh high boots and get ready to outshine the sun with your phenomenal style.

Quirky Handbags Stand Apart

What if you are looking absolutely gorgeous and missing major fashion stuff?? Yes, a handbag!!!

Fashion lovers are not allowed to do that. After all, where you will put all your important belongings and cosmetics??? The perfect sunscreen, lip colour and hair brush are equally essential to steal the summer shine and stay refreshing and cool every hour. So, carrying a handbag is must and can do wonders to your complete ensemble. Make sure to pick handbag according to your outfit and individual style to get the desired appeal.

Belts have their Own Thing

They know how to complement a dress when worn perfectly.

Since summer is all about bagginess and refreshing feel, you can add class and touch of sassiness to your complete personality by picking a waistband or broad designer belt. If you are blessed with perfect hourglass figure or belong to a family of Kardashians, you have all the right to flaunt your next-to-perfect torso and body dimensions. Make that possible with fancy belt and spruce up your ravishing designer outfit in a jiff.

If you are an avid saree lover just like me, then this is what you must see to make your wish come true. This time, I got hold of this beautiful printed saree from Unnati silks and styled it in my own modern way. Since the saree has really attractive prints and bright radiant hue, I wore it with the simple white coloured off-shoulder dress as a blouse. Yes, you heard it right. It’s a dress turned into a blouse.

Anjali Dixit

Wearing saree is always a special affair for any woman, be it rural or modern. But the conventional saree draping technique is outdated now. It’s always best to play with this long nine yard weave in your distinct way and make it stand out among the crowd. I always prefer Unnati Silk for saree shopping because of their highly versatile range and trendy designs. Availability of designer sarees for every occasion and season makes this online store the ultimate destination of ethnic fashion lovers. From heavy luxurious silk sarees to lightweight chiffon drapes, everything has got covered here.

Anjali Dixit

The style which I am carrying here is the ideal pick for casual occasions like office parties, formal meetings, lunch date and small family functions. To ace up the overall look, I picked this stunning neckpiece from Westside and made it head-turning. A woman’s look is never complete without the involvement of gorgeous pair of earrings. Whenever I think of saree, nothing comes in my mind but an exquisite pair of traditional jhumkis. So, I completed my saree look with this lovely sliver jhumkis bought from very famous Sarojini Nagar Market. Where else you go for these pretty little things???

Anjali Dixit

I have to admit that this look was indeed special than any other style. This is because of my forever undying love for traditional Indian sarees. Thanks to Unnati Silk who made my dream come true by delivering this magical piece of weave to my door. The fabric quality and overall appeal of this printed saree is breathtaking and simply majestic. I would love to wear this drape for important occasions in life but definitely in my individual style. If you like this style, make it work for your personal ethnic avatar and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment. I am looking forward to your valuable comments.

Anjali Dixit

Details of the look are here –

Saree – Unnati Silk

Neckpiece – Westside

Earrings – SN Market

Isn’t it what you were praying for days and long sleepless nights??? I am majorly talking to women belonging to college generation who love to own some lovely makeup products at their shelves but just can’t pay the hefty price. Fret not girls, the solution to your problem has discovered and you can now easily enjoy some plush makeup without making a hole in your pocket. From right foundation to perfect lip colours, everything is covered here to give you a perfect look and flawless personality. Trust me, everything is under your budget.

Now, there is no need to stalk expensive makeup kits anymore because you can have your own without asking for extra pocket money from your parents. Even working women can also ease up their everyday look by owning these cheap, yet extremely beneficial cosmetic products. Sneak in…

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

No more eyeing for expensive lipsticks when you can create your own line of lovely lip shades! Yes, you heard it right. One of the most popular and plush cosmetic brands from USA, Colorbar has introduced a premium range of lipstick which costs nothing on any woman’s pocket, literally nothing.

Price – 260

Maybelline Gel Liner

Not just liner, but the product from Maybelline perfectly works as a kajal too. The best thing about the product is not its price but the longevity it exhibits. This gel liner is extremely smudge-proof and easy to apply.

Price – 460

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liner

Another goodie from Maybelline New York is its hyper glossy liner which is perfect for those who just can’t resist winged eyes. The liner is easily available in market or you can also buy it from online in such amazing price. Hurry up!!!

Price – 260

Faces Magneteyes Kajal

If you are a college going chic and kajal is what speaks for your personality, go for Faces Magneteyes kajal to define your lines perfectly and become the fashion icon of your clan. The price will make your day.

Price – 180

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush

One of the costliest and most charismatic makeup essentials for any woman is blush. Everyone loves to have little pink glow on their cheeks and look like an absolute diva. Wait, Colorbar just made your dream come true.

Price – 500

Lakme 9-5 Lipstick

How about Lakme this time??? I know what you are thinking??? From when this well-known Indian brand got cheaper. Yes, it has introduced an exclusive range of lipstick which fits in everyone’s pocket easily.

Price – 480

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm

Something which is simply unavoidable, at least in my case it works as an organ. If you are hunting for a right lip balm which works for long time and is not heavy in cost, make your way to Nivea.

Price – 110

Sugar Twist & Shout Fadeproof Kajal

Here comes one more affordable, yet highly effective kajal from a very reliable cosmetic brand. Sugar Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal works just the best for eyes and it would give you ravishing look for long working hours. Price is what you just dreamt of.

Price – 399

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 460

Yeah, now we can talk about the right foundation because Maybelline heard us and got us this fabulous product in such reasonable price. Available in all variants, keeping the Indian skin tone in mind, this Fit Me Foundation can be the best purchase of the day.

Price – 460

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick

When you think you have reached to the best, there comes the ultimate surprise. NYX is a brand which every woman dreams to own in her kitty. Buy this lipstick which is available in most desirable and prettiest colours and groove like a diva.

Price – 531

Which fashion tip you have decided to follow this season??? Apart from healthy diets and skin care, what would hit your wardrobe this time??? Are you all ready to beat the heat and give your best shot in this scorching weather??? If not, catch with me to give you some amazing styling advice and fashion tips. Let’s take a look –

Summer Look

For the rising temperature and shining sun, I picked up this black Zara top with quarter sleeves and round neck pattern. It’s extremely skin-friendly and comfortable. To keep the look casual and ethnic-inspired, I chose this multicolored floral printed skirt which simply made my day. To be honest, this beautiful eye-catching skirt is the highlight of the complete look which I bought from highly popular Sarojini Market in highly reasonable price.


To add an oomph factor to the overall dressing, I wore this chunky piece of oxidised jewellery which also I got from Sarojini Local Market. It looked cherry on the top and also went fabulously with my red bangs.

Day Makeup

Since I love accessories, I decided to carry my fave bracelet from Forever21 to accompany me for the day. I wanted my makeup to be on same level with the dazzling appeal of my ensemble. So, I went for kohl eyes and red lips which shone perfectly on a bright sunny day of Lucknow.


To keep my walk comfortable and fuss-free, I slipped onto my beautiful pair of nude sandals and they also helped me in making the best of my colourful bottom wear. Isn’t it easy yet stylish way of dressing in summer season??? Plus, you don’t need to wait for an occasion to carry this chic look.

Be it casual day or an event, carry this look with grace and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Buy long exquisite skirts in floral or other summer-inspired prints and wear them differently to look absolute stunner on every day. For more fashion parades, stay tuned with me.

These are the details of my ensemble with which I created this summer fashion style –

Top – Zara

Skirt – Sarojini Market

Oxidised Neckpiece – Sarojini Market

Bracelet – Forever21

Sandals – Lajpat Nagar Market

One thing you should never ditch while heading out is a sunscreen. Well, dermatologists even suggest applying it while being indoors also as the light coming out of the electronic appliances causes same damage as the sunlight. Say ‘Yes’ to sunscreen and find out what’s best in market.

Recently, I bought this Lotus Herbals Sunblock Spray from Nykaa and found it great for my skin. I have a normal to sensitive skin so ordered it having an idea of the natural actives used by the brand for manufacturing of any of its products. The lightweight and quickly absorbing property of this spray over the skin made me really happy and satisfied. Plus, it contains SPF-50 which makes it best choice to avoid tanning and skin darkening during summers.

Check out these awesome properties I found about this product and then make it yours –

Completely non-greasy!! After applying, it completely gets into your skin and leaves no oil behind like other sunscreen lotions.

Also, you can mix it with your moisturizer and apply it all over as it creates an even, non-greasy laver all over the applied area.

Perfect solution for oily and sensitive skinned women as it helps in removing excess oil from the skin while keeping you protected from suntan.

Looking for a sunscreen!? This is what you need to outshine sun this summer.

Weight – 80ml

Price – 293/-

Well, lot of things play a role in picking a right makeup artist for your big day and other wedding shenanigans. From budget to products used, ratings to experience, versatility to popularity, and the list goes on. That is why finding a right bridal makeup artist which covers up all your requirements and unavoidable needs is not a piece of cake. It needs lot of efforts and hard work to achieve your dream wedding look without making a hole in your pocket. Isn’t it??? But why am I here for!? To lend you a helping hand and give you some amazing tips to walk straight to your dream makeup artist. Let’s know more about it –

Living in Delhi, I would specifically talk about the capital and we all know that Delhi weddings are known for its grandeur and luxurious status. Whether you belong to Rajouri Garden or posh South Delhi, the charm of every wedding of the city is magnanimous. In order to discover the right makeup artist depending on your personal taste and requirements, make sure that you keep the theme of the wedding in mind and other vital points too.

bridal-makeup artist

What according to you is the biggest hassle comes in front of every bride-to-be while searching for the perfect bridal makeup studio??? Budget is what everyone’s forever concern is. But you don’t need to roam in market anymore or talk to various people for suggesting the pocket-friendly makeup artist as WedMeGood has got you covered from everywhere.

Featuring an assorted array of the best and finest bridal makeup artists in Delhi, the online platform made your wish come true. Covering all the important details like budget, types of makeup, products used, ratings, years of experience, genuine reviews, price per function and personal details of corresponding artists, the WedMeGood app made sure that every bride-to-be gets her dream look without worrying about anything in the world.

Catch with the online portal to discover the finest and most popular bridal makeup artists available in the city and book an appointment for your D-day. Artists like Sakshi Sagar Studio, Makeup by Simran Kalra, Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist, Shruti Sharma Bridal Makeup, Bride in Vogue and many more are featured her with all the important details and much-needed descriptions. From 15K to 50K, you will find an expert here in extreme versatility to suit the makeup needs and budget of every individual.

Not only this, but all these makeup experts are working in the same profession from several years and there are many who have worked with leading Bollywood celebrities. So, if you crave to be the most stunning bride of the season and you just can’t compromise with your wedding makeup, WedMeGood is the ideal destination to get over with all your makeup related doubts and budget concerns.

Whether you want to go for heavy makeup or light nature-inspired appeal, there are geniuses who can do wonders to your bridal avatar and overall style statement. Hurry up!!!