Our love for spaghetti will never die. Wait a minute, we aren’t talking about the scrumptious spaghetti noodles, but this post is about our endless affection for spaghetti dresses. The dresses which come with thin straps got famous in the nineties and ever since, these stringy dresses have been much loved by the ladies as it offered comfort and an ultra feminine look. After all, what feels good, looks good. Nineties break free fashion made a come-back and beckoned for these lovely noodle strap dresses once again. But watch out because these dresses have got a serious makeover.

Don’t believe us? Check out these rocking styles which no more look like that which originated way back in the nineties.

1. Not one but Two: Why go for a single strap spaghetti dress, when you can have two. These dual spaghetti dresses looks so much trendier and they lend instant chic-ness to the wearer. It’s something that the nineties sun dress failed to do. Strappy sandals or straw hats complement this ultra trendy look.

dual Speghatti dress

2. The Camy Dress: These dresses look so much like a camisole or are they really just camisoles? It’s difficult to say. But, women all around the globe could care less as they are seen in these sassy noodle strap dresses everywhere. We did mention that 2015 is all about break through fashion, didn’t we? So, get at least one of these and layer it up with a flows stole or a cool checkered shirt. A perfect mix of femininity and casual-cool, isn’t it?

Camy Dress

3. Go Criss Cross: If you want a spaghetti dress which is too hot to handle, then go for a super short dress with criss-cross spaghetti stripes. The zig-zag pattern makes you look edgy and sophisticated and it’s the perfect way to crash a party and make heads turn in awe.

Cirss Cross Spaghtti Dress

4. Skater Time: When it’s time for fun and frolic, a spaghetti skater dress is just what you need to put on. Such a cute and girly ensemble is also apt for a special date to charm your beloved. Vibrant colors and breath taking prints is what you should look for when you go for such pretty dresses.

Spegahtti Skater

5. A Dual Treat: Sometimes all you need is a duo to make it work. A dress with contrasting shades can create the perfect drama that you need to steal the limelight. Be it solids, prints or pleats these dresses always look neat and pretty. Go for side cut-out patterns and sweet neck to charm the onlookers.

Dual Shade Spaghetti Dress

With these trendy patterns available online at StalkBuyLove.com, you are all set to welcome brand new spaghetti dresses in your closet. Its fresh and its stylish, so get going, girls!

Did you know that dreaming about shoes can actually reflect your state of mind? According to psychologists, it may signify whether you are feeling grounded or may even indicate your self esteem levels! What’s more, according to Suzanne Ferris, the editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes”, your shoe addiction or affinity also has a scientific explanation! So, if you happen to be addicted to your high-heeled leather boots to such an extent that parting with them seems impossible, there’s nothing actually abnormal about it!

So, what should you do to protect your leather boots and flaunt them in style during the rainy season? Do you need specialized shoe care equipment or would you need to buy a shoe rack online for proper storage? Here’s a look at some simple, yet effective measures that would restore the health of your coveted leather footwear, even on a rainy day.

How to Care : DO IT YOURSELF

To begin with, it is important to understand that the problem here is twofold. The first one is dealing with excessive moisture and wetness. The second is about all the dirt and mud that would accumulate on your coveted boots when you wear them regularly. Here are some remedies that might help:

#1 You Need to Have At least 2 Pairs:


Well, to start with, if you must flaunt leather footwear in the rainy season, you need to have multiple options and alternate between them. Remember, for restoring leather you need to allow ample time for drying out before stacking them away in your shoe rack. Damp leather is extremely sensitive to heat and this will result in hardening of the texture, leading to cracks when they are flexed.

#2 Use the Correct Technique for Drying:

Technique for Drying
Technique for Drying

Well, putting out your branded leather boots in the sun will make them crisp as sandpaper, forming cracks easily. For drying out effectively, stuff your wet boots with newspaper or tissue paper and keep them at room temperature. The paper will absorb all the moisture from the footwear and dry them out. Remember, your shoes need to be completely dry before you can store them back inside the shoe rack. Remove the newspapers and stuff them with fresh, dry ones before stacking them away.

#3 Control Moisture Exposure:

baking soda in boot
baking soda in boot

The glue that keeps the sole attached to the shoe weakens with moisture exposure. In addition, if the shoes are not used for a long time, the moisture can even cause cracks in the soles. In order to keep the moisture exposure in control, it is always a good idea to keep a small pouch of baking soda or charcoal inside each shoe. This absorbs moisture and keeps the pair dry.

#4 Cleaning and Polishing:

Cleaning and Polishing Boots
Cleaning and Polishing Boots

Spraying your shoes with water repellent sprays during the monsoons is a good idea. If your shoe accumulates dirt or mud, use a soft brush or cloth to remove debris. Use a wax polish for cleaning them, since they repel water. It is important to clean your boots on a daily basis during the monsoons.

#5 Specialized Storage:

Storage for Boots
Storage for Boots

Look for a water and dust proof shoe rack online for storing your boots, if you don’t already have one. Consider an open shoe rack or keep the covered doors open during the day time through the rainy season. This will ensure proper ventilation for your footwear, keeping them fresh and odor free.

If you are fond of heels, make sure you attach a rubber heel cover before venturing out on a wet day. This will protect the heels and prevent wear and tear. Following some simple care tips can ensure that your boots look gorgeous.

Be it any occasion, a skirt is something which complements every body type.  No matter, long or short, pleated or flare, a skirt adds grace to your overall look and makes you look at your best.  So, be bold and get experimental this season. We bring you top 5 skirt styles that you should be spotting this season to mark your best expression.

1. Ethnic Long Skirt

Ethnic Long Skirt
Image Source: Gorgeautiful

Fill your closet with a long vibrant and colorful ethnic skirt, perfect for any auspicious day or be the ‘glowing you’ to dazzle at your office or college.

2.Edgy – Asymmetrical skirt

Asymmetrical Skirts
Image Source: Smoothfm

Well, the type of skirt is the latest addition to the fashion trends.  Pick a color that suits you and go bold with big clutches and brand watches to mark your own fashion statement.  Not everyone can sport this look.

3. Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts
Image Source: Atodmagazine

When it comes to Midi skirts, you can go gaga for bold colors or choose to drape yourself in solid and floral prints. Talking about our personal favorite trend, a full Midi skirt is all we want to say.

4. Skater Skirt

Skater Skirt
Image Source: Justlia

A skater skirt is one of the hottest styles to follow this season. Pair your with crop tops, shirts or cami tops.  And you are all ready to for shopping with your girlies and hitting the night club.

5. Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts
Image Source: Idiva

Add a pleated maxi skirt, a pleated mini skirt or a Chiffon pleated skirt into your wardrobe.  Available in huge range of fabrics and plenty of prints, you just can’t seem to have enough of pleats.