Lately, everyone’s been hyping on the rules related to the first date when, in reality, things are way simpler than we think. The idea (at least we hope that’s still the idea) is to have a blast, make your (future) partner feel amazing and feel phenomenal yourself! Usually, this cannot be achieved unless your heart is in it, no matter how many rules you read online.

Assuming you are smart (we know you are) and ready to approach things differently than other terrified-of-the-first-date gals would, we’re giving you five tips to follow and enjoy your time!

Let your guard down

To have a blast, take that pout off your face and show your wonderful, smiling face. You came to this date to have fun, enjoy yourself and love every second of it. With that in mind, forget your successful career, deadlines, your fat paycheck, million hours at the gym and that slice of kale in your fridge you’ve been living on. Be the girl who’s smitten with that boy standing in front of you. No, we’re not suggesting letting go of everything that’s your identity, far from it. We’re suggesting you leave that for some other time. This time around, let him fall for the sweet, cuddly you… ok?

Be spontaneous

You wanna know how to attract a man that you like? Guys are pretty simple – they like things that are easy and fun, so why wouldn’t you be just that! Let your inner wild animal free (please, don’t get a tattoo after you had one too many) and show him you’re not just a pair of heels and Miu Miu clutch! Come to the date wearing chill wardrobe and minimal makeup. Follow his lead or take the lead – as long as things are chill. Go shooting pool or darts, go have a beer or see a game. Wander into a gallery opening or go for a relaxed walk around the neighborhood you haven’t seen before. Make things fun!

Show respect

What we are about to tell you is one of the best first date tips you’ll ever get, so focus.

While footing the entire bill is something our moms taught us is the right thing to do (according to the gentlemen’s rulebook), the modern-day suggest not the opposite, but something similar. Always offer to pay half of the bill or even the entire bill and wait for his reaction. If he insists on paying for it, let him. Don’t fight him on it. By offering to pay, you are showing a) you’ve got the money to support yourself and didn’t come on a date to meet your golden daddy b) you respect his budget and don’t want to be a burden. He’ll appreciate you offering, trust us. No one likes a diva, not if they’re in the right mind.


Women do have the tendency to babble. What!? We do! And that’s okay – as long as we know how to control it. Unlike us, men are creatures of few words. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested in having a conversation with us, it’s just that – they prefer being to the point rather than going on and on about one and the same thing. In order to have a blast on your date, let him talk a bit. Don’t overwhelm the date by having too much to say all the time. Give him a chance to talk, listen to what’s he got to say and show interest in what’s he’s telling you. Ask smart questions and don’t interrupt him. Rather, engage in the conversation. He’ll love that you are interested and you’ll love the feedback that you’re getting. Keep things intriguing. Leave something for the second date, please.

Bring up a topic

When two people click, they’ll most likely remember every single detail about one another. When he’s walking you home, bring up a topic you’ve been talking about at the start of your date. That way you’ll show that you’ve been listening to him and you’re interested in what he’s got to say. Plus, you’ll get to spend some more time together revising that talk which is pretty great, don’t you think? And, he’ll probably kiss you there and then.

What is it about fashion that’s keeping us restless all the time? It seems like we can’t get enough of trends, that we’re spinning in circles constantly for the sole purpose of finding that one outfit that will blow everyone’s mind (and ours, too). However, with so many options out there and so many fashionable choices, it’s definitely too difficult to stick to a single pattern/idea/style and stay true to it; I mean, why not experiment when we have the chance!

Summer vacation is definitely the perfect arena for all of your fashion craziness; hoping you’ll make use of the opportunity to embrace your sun-kissed glow and pair it up with your designer turban, I am giving you a little tutorial that will make all the difference for your future fashion vacation choices (in a good way, I hope!) –

Summer style

Summertime doesn’t really tolerate constrained fashion; it’s all about mimicking the easy vibe of summer through light materials, edgy accessories and summer appropriate fashion choices. The new two trends that are catching everyone’s eye are the new bohemian and English rose; both are styles allowing for plenty of individuality combined with the already familiar bohemian and feminine choices, however – upgraded.

Bohemian queen

Embrace the complicated prints, flowy gypsy dresses and skirts, slip on dresses with thin strips and unusual cutouts; the effortless chic is what will make you the queen of summer, as long as you embrace your individuality well and blend it with appreciation for world cultures, pattern-wise. Don’t be afraid to combine outré graphics with delicate lace and lots of chunky statement jewelry!

English rose

What we are learning this summer is that romance is not dead and nostalgia for sweetness still lives; this time around, you are encouraged to cherish both femininity and feminism, since your fashion choices revolving around lush volumes of fabric and floral prints mustn’t jeopardize your strength and sturdiness. Still, don’t be afraid to look pretty for pretty’s sake!

Embrace lace, florals, maxi dresses, peplum and love the joys of pink blooms!

Accessorize for the soul

Turbans, hair accessories (flowers, butterflies, almost-tiaras…), chunky jewelry, statement earrings – everything evoking femininity;  lay off with leather and fringe this time around – they worked for Coachella, but won’t for the upcoming summer.

Swimwear from heaven

Designers took a risk and finally made it possible for girls of all sizes and shapes to wear fashionable swimwear that celebrates a female body; bikinis, sure – but everything is now focused on the femininity of style and shape so buy a swimsuit that channels ‘60s vibe, unexpected cuts, high-waist bottoms and easy colors.

Makeup and hair rules


Once the sun hits your skin and you get that dark, bronze glow there’s honestly so little makeup you need – nobody enjoys a face with melting makeup nor does your skin appreciate being suffocated by powders and concealers when the temperatures are high. If you really need to get dressed up for an occasion, opt for melt-proof makeup and toss the goopy glosses. Also, embrace waterproof mascara and prevent the raccoon look. Instead of a regular powdery blush, use a gel blush on your cheeks and dab it with a sponge; you’ll get a wonderful summery glow which will contour your face but stay translucent; lips will appreciate a little coral pop of color and will perfectly match the neutrality of face.

Oh and – don’t forget the sunscreen!


Let the hair breathe; when the sun is strong and you are spending a lot of time in the water, treating your hair with various products is insane.  First, you’ll damage it (the sea salt doesn’t really correlate to artificial product), second – what’s the point! No hairdos, either – let your hair loose and allow it to curl up naturally. A high ponytail or samurai bun is welcome, though.

Pack it all up, pack light and choose the pieces you know you’ll wear – be a fabulous fashionista even during summer, not the one everyone is rolling their eyes at ‘cos she is bringing three suitcases to a 5-day summer bash. Enjoy!

None other the most acclaimed ace designer of India ‘Sabyasachi Mukherjee’ designed the wedding costumes for both Virat and Anushka. The fashion designer itself revealed the exclusive choice and taste of celebrity couple who decided to tie a knot in a private Italy ceremony. The beautiful couple wanted to keep paparazzi away from their nuptial ties thus decided to keep it a secret and low-key affair. The wedding and pre-wedding functions took place in the luxurious Tuscan villa in the small village of Tuscany. Everything looked like a day coming straight from the fairytale. The choice of colours, decoration, outfits and rest of the things were no less than a spell casted. Let’s take a look at Anushka’s flawless garments for her beautiful wedding with Virat.

Here are the functions which took place and how the bride embraced each of these special moments with her natural beauty and incredible ensemble.


Virushka Engagement

The day both the stars left the country, there were speculations going on about their big day arrangement and it happened to be true later when they decided to tell the big news via social platform. The first function which took place was the engagement ceremony. For which, Anushka decided to get into special Sabyasachi velvet saree in signature gulkand burgundy hue. The saree looked exceptionally royal and graceful. It was handcrafted using miniature pearls and embedded with finest quality zardosi and marori. Big round of applause for incredible designer fashion Sabyasachi who created this stunning weave!

The beautiful bride-to-be paired her attire with uncut diamond and pearl choker along with matching studs. Her look was completed with sleek bun, red roses, kohl eyes and iconic micro dot bindi. Isn’t she looking gorgeous???


Anushka Mehndi

Since we all know about Anushka and her vibrant personality, her aura was clearly evident in her mehendi look. She got herself painted in the vibrancy and richness of bright colours and looked exquisite. She donned pop printed top and paired with matching fuchsia pink and Indian orange skirt. Her look was unique, cool and classic boho style. She went for stunning pair of jhumkis to complete her look and her neat hairdo was cherry on the top. The best part was that Anushka kept her look comfortable and classic which is truly a fashion tip for upcoming bride-to-be.

If your D-day is on the way, take fashion notes to get your dream bridal look and make heads turn around.

Wedding Day

Anushka on her Wedding Day

Yes, here comes the main day which nobody was clear of but as soon as the picture came down on internet, the whole country couldn’t believe their eyes. For her wedding day, Anushka surprised us once again with her subtle and elegant choice of jewellery and outfit. She wore pale pink lehenga embroidered with vintage English colours and embellishment of silver-gold metal thread, beads and pearls. The best part was the light makeup which complemented her attire in the best possible way.

She truly looked like an angel landed from a beautiful fairytale. Her wedding lehengas bridal jewellery was all from Sabyasachi’s heritage collection.

Delhi Reception

Virushka Delhi Reception

And here comes the day everyone was waiting for eagerly because it happened to be in the capital of the country and around the country’s people. For her first reception in Delhi, Anushka couldn’t resist but went for typical red Banarasi saree will golden zari work. There is definitely some undying, unsaid connection of Indian brides with red colour. They just can’t let it go. Anushka wore classic red Banarasi saree paired with red bindi, vermilion, and mogras in her hair. The look was exceptionally exquisite and captivating.

For her jewellery, she again went for heritage uncut diamond choker and jhumkas from the Sabyasachi bridal jewellery collection. In clear words, she looked like a newly married Indian bride on her Delhi reception.

Now what everyone is awaiting for big fat Mumbai reception which would see a swarm of big Bollywood celebrities and cricket personalities. Let’s see what Anushka has planned for this ceremony. Well, our fingers are crossed and we are hoping to see her again in some different style and avatar. After all, Sabysachi Mukherjee can never go wrong.

Mumbai Reception

Virushka Mumbai Reception

The grand affair saw a swarm of big Bollywood celebrities and cricket personalities. The best thing to observe here was Anushka’s dressing which was completely different from her previous attires. The beautiful actress picked grey hued lehenga embellished with sequins and exclusive Bengal tiger belt. She paired up her designer outfit with diamond necklace and sleek hairstyle which totally worked with the vibes of the occasion.

Along her side, Virat looked dapper as always in a light pink shirt and velvet Bandhgala. The couple posed for shutterbugs and spent great time with their friends and colleagues. The night was indeed special.

So with this occasion, finally comes to an end to grand Virushka celebration. Well, I have to say that this December was all about their lavish, most desired wedding. Cheers to the power couple!

If we start talking about the upcoming Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, it would be really hard to put this to an end. The movie Padmavati which once again witnesses the stellar performances of power couple of Bollywood – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh has got themselves in hell lot of trouble. Yes, you heard it right. Began with the light storms, the rage seems to be never-ending now. The magnum opus also stars Shahid Kapoor who portrays the character of Maharawal Ratan Singh, the ruler of Mewar district who is also the husband of Rani Padmavati. The movie is all set to hit the theatres nationwide on 1st of December, 2017. This highly anticipated movie is undoubtedly going to be a blockbuster but only if it comes out of all the troubles making rounds. Let’s just wish the same for all the art-lovers and these celebrities’ fans.

Let’s just sneak bit into the story of the movie first and then talk about the issue surrounded by it –


Padmavati is a movie based on the plot of the real-life character ‘Rani Padmavati’, a legendary Hindu Rajput queen. She was the wife of the last ruler of Mewar, Ratan Singh. And then there is an antagonist like every other movie – the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, Alauddin Khilji which is played by Ranveer Singh. According to the tale, Alauddin Khilji was mesmerized by the unmatched beauty of Padmavati and he led the invasion to fulfil his desire of capturing the Rajput queen. In order to protect her honour and sabotage Khilji’s wrong motive, Padmvati committed self-immolation along with the other women of the Mewar dynasty. This is the whole plot of the movie which one can visualize in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinematic version.


Now, let’s find out that how it becomes the trouble for the big mass of the country –

Since the trailer has floored down, the movie seems to embroil itself in one controversy after the other. According to the people who are against this portrayal, the movie expresses the Rajput queen in bad light. Since she belongs to Rajasthan, the people or the other royal families from the state seem to be highly disappointed with the film fraternity and demand for a complete ban on the movie. Do you think it’s really going to happen??? Well, the time can only tell now. From small things like the Ghoomar song in which we observe Deepika embracing the floor with her incredible dance moves, the Rajputs have been slated that the queens of the Royal families never perform in the ceremony. It’s never done and we will not let it happen on the grounds of money and entertainment. This is the whole story which has broken the internet in recent time.

Well, what turn it takes in the upcoming days, only the time will tell. Till then let’s just hope that there is no defaming of history on the grounds of exhibiting art and vice-versa. Fingers crossed!