I know it sounds weird but it’s possible and definitely the perfect solution for people who have really tight schedule and couldn’t take time out for regular exercise. Well, you don’t have to now. You can save your hour from burning huge amount of fatigue and getting into severe muscular and body pain by opting these amazing 10 way outs to curb extra weight and unwanted belly fat. What you just have to do is to stick to this perfect regime and make sure that you don’t ditch any of these tricks to overcome extra weight and fat from your body. Let’s get back into the perfect shape and achieve weight loss without exercise. Are you ready???                                         

Say ‘No’ to Sugary Substances

Sugary Substances

No means no. Not only because they promote massive weight gain but will also give rise to various health diseases which are surely not a good idea to live a good and fuller life. Also, you will feel hungrier after taking sugary beverages and drinks, thus leading to over-eating.

More Water, Less Weight

More Water

Replace all kind of drinks with water and you will each half of the desired milestone. Trust me; nothing works faster than water in the goal of weight loss without exercise. Have water before half an hour of the mean and get ready to eat less.

Smaller Bites, Longer Time

Smaller Bites, Longer Time

True that!!! Recent study has proven that people eating faster tend to gain weight more vigorously than people taking longer time. So, gulp down your food in smaller bites and make sure that you eat every bit of it with full focus and enough time.

Chewing Technique

chew your food

Mark my words – it’s important.

More chewing is directly connected to increased fullness and less eating. So, chew your food thoroughly and fool your mind that you have eaten a lot. It works.

Proper Sleep & Stress-free Mind


Improper Sleep may not help you in losing weight but it will surely disturb your appetite and overall health which is obviously linked to the former. Make sure that you get proper sleep and stay away from unnecessary stress.

Maximum Intake of Protein

protein rich food

Protein plays a vital role in our body as it triggers various hormones that ultimately affect appetite, hunger and fullness. Eating protein rich food will enable you to lose weight without getting into hassle of intensive exercise.

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Yes, that’s the perfect and easiest way to curb extra inches and come into proper shape. Eggs are the best solution for healthy and protein-rich breakfast.

Less Grain, More Fiber

Less Grain, More Fiber

Say ‘No’ to grain based food and indulge into fiber-rich meals for reducing weight and maintain proper eating. Add oats, asparagus, oranges, and sprouts in your regular meal and there you go.

Right Eating Habits

healthy eating

Right eating habits include – No to TV and phone while eating, proper concentration over meal, making use of fruits during snack hour and eating in regular intervals.

That’s all you need to do to make your wish come true. Start with one and keep adding others with time to live happy and healthy life.

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