Being stylish is not about following every single trend that hits the fashion industry. It’s more about expressing your personal style through clothing while implementing some of the latest trends. So when it comes to choosing a look for spring, use the following trends as a guide to look incredibly stylish:

1. Miniskirts – While the midi-skirt has been a favorite for women across the globe, miniskirts are now snatching the spotlight. It’s the time to hike up your hemline and look for a piece that offers versatility while enabling you to keep up with the latest trends. A miniskirt can look great no matter how you choose to style it.


Maybe you could wear it with a lightweight sweater and a pair of “flatform” sneakers. For a formal event, you could style your miniskirt with a sheer blouse and a pair of pumps with the right accessories. You could even go for a more casual look by pairing it with a graphic tee and ballerinas. Whatever you do, make sure you choose a piece that goes well with your personal style.

2. Vivid colors – It’s the perfect season to mix bits of sweet and sour to your look. While the trend is to create a bold clash of various vivid colors into one look, you could also go for a much more demure look. Try adding bright-colored accessories to an outfit in neutral colors instead. Otherwise, you could even pick your top two favorite colors in vivid hues to put together a spring-worthy look.

Vivid colors

3. Bold florals – Now before you quote Miranda, let’s just point out that florals are going big this year. Large and geometric floral prints are replacing the once popular trend of tiny blossoms. Bold florals create more edge to a somewhat traditional pattern, so you can add a piece of floral-printed clothing to your most edgy look.

Bold florals

4. New-age stripes – Stripes have always been a favorite for many, but they’ve decided to go much bolder this season. Experiment with a different kind of striped print in chopped, scattered, or curled variations. Striped dresses may be the best way to go as compared to any other piece of clothing. However, make sure you pick out a piece that isn’t overly dramatic so that you can re-wear it multiple times.

New-age stripes

5. Minimal statement footwear – When it comes to footwear trend, make a statement wearing minimal designs with statement features. Minimal doesn’t always have to be simple. Look for shoes in neutral colors and clean aesthetics with some bold embellishments that add a contrast. Maybe plexiglass heels or a strip of tassels could add a statement factor to an otherwise minimal design.

Minimal statement footwear

6. Graphic bags – It’s all about bold, graphic prints when it comes to handbag trends for this season. The great thing about this trend is that you can tone down the rest of your outfit with neutral colors while making a statement with striped leather bags in bright hues. If you’d like to channel a more dramatic look, you could use it as an accessory for a wild mix of printed pieces or vivid hues.

Graphic bags

7. 90’s trend – Designers are bringing back fashion trends from the 90’s with a bang – from minimal slip dresses and relaxed denims to recreating the grunge look with faux leather jackets and denims.

You could opt for a basic slip dresses as it can be styled in multiple ways. Try dressing it down with a pair of “flatform” sneakers or pair it with sleek stilettos for a more formal affair. What’s even better is that you could wear this dress as a Halloween costume while dressing up as a younger Kate Moss or your favourite celebrity from the 90’s.

8. Denims – Whether you go for an oversized denim jacket or a cute denim miniskirt, you’ll be right on trend for this season. Staying true to the 90’s trend, you could even opt for a pair of relaxed denims and recreate a grunge look. What about looking chic in cropped flared denims? You can style these denims with a silky camisole and sleek stilettos or keep it casual with sandals and graphic tees.


9. Suede – Another huge trend this season is a favorite from the 70’s – suede. While you can sport this trend any way, it looks best on skirts. So you could club together the miniskirt trend with the suede trend by picking out a cute and chic miniskirt. Try an A-cut suede mini skirt with buttons on the front, as it can work well with almost any look.


10. Big dangle earrings – Designers are embracing a new accessory trend with extra long earrings that graze shoulders. When sporting this trend, try to go for a minimal design that will not clash with the rest of your outfit.

Big dangle earrings

So now you have a range of trends to inspire your look for this season. Remember to avoid going by the book when adapting the latest trends. Pair new pieces with what you already have so you can express yourself while saving money on new clothes.

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