I have had my share of dates – I have had ones at bars and restaurants; I have gone on hikes for first dates, rock climbing, walks in the park and once, even at the library, so I guess I have had quite a taste of the different options when it comes to getting to know someone.

After a while however, all of the getting to know you stuff, the same drink orders and the same four confessions I make, the dating game does become a bit boring and I am sure I am not the only one who has felt this.

So last week, after meeting a guy whom I really clicked with, I decided I would cook dinner for him, but rather than serving the same old drinks, I wanted to give him a cocktail that would impress him and bring something different to a normal date. I wanted to create festivity and add a touch of glamour so I knew I would have to bring something new to the table.

I did some research and I was bombarded with thousands of options but I did narrow them down to three special cocktails which sounded easy to make and looked delicious. The following are the best three cocktails I found which you too can make to impress your guy or girl during your next date!

The French martini

The Golden Ticket


This is a simple drink that only needs to be stirred. Originally served at the bar of Archie Rose’s distillery in Australia, the Golden Ticket is based with their signature dry gin. All you need to do is to add 60ml of the gin, ¼ of a cask of Laphroaig; add chocolate mole bitter infused breakfast marmalade and 5ml PX float.

Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass, add some ice and stir it until the marmalade dissolves. Once that is done, pour the drink in a tumbler, or any other impressive glass over one or two ice cubes and garnish with a lemon twist.

The Golden Ticket

The French martini


With a blush tinge and a rich raspberry taste, this “gorgeous, easy-drinking fruit martini” is the perfect classic with a twist. To make the blend, start by filling the shaker with ice and adding 40ml of Vodka, 20ml of French raspberry liqueur “for an extra touch of pink” and 50ml of pineapple juice. Shake these ingredients until cold then strain into a martini glass.

“Because pineapple juice is always cloudy, there is no risk of clouding the drink with fragments of ice. And a good, hard shake makes the pineapple foam up a little, creating a beautifully frothy texture on the surface of the drink.” Finish this beauty off by garnishing it with a twist of lemon.


Annex Theater Champagne cocktail


This drink has the most dramatic name and the fact that it has champagne suggests richness and celebration but in actual fact this is the easiest cocktail to make out of the three – you don’t even have to own a cocktail shaker! All you need is three ingredients – good champagne, sugar cubes and bitters such as Angostura bitters for “an elegant and refreshing sipper.”

Take the champagne flutes and place an ice cube in each one. Dash a few drops of bitters on the ice cubes and fill the rest of the glass with champagne. Serve the drink without stirring.

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