Fresh Food
green vegetables
Minimal use of oil and dairy products

Slimness seems to be the unique characteristic of the Japanese. Could it be there genes? Of course. But one study shared the result that when Japanese are exposed to western diet, they begin to gain weight and suffer from unhealthy lifestyle. Usually, I order online while I carve from hunger.
So the secret of natural slimness and good health lies in the food culture. Here are the secrets with name of restaurants which provide attractive offers on minimal order.
The food is fresh – in most of the houses and restaurants go to preserve the natural flavor and color of their food. Techniques like blanching are used to make vegetables look as fresh as possible. Dim sum and steamed fish are cooked by natural colors and use of more vegetables to make it more healthy and tasty. Best to get these dishes on En restaurant as their cuisine is so yummy that you don’t forget to lick you finger.

You should have breakfast – to get that slim figure, you don’t have to skip breakfast. Most Japanese women are not carve for lunch as they are done with their heavy breakfast. They prefer to have green spinach and dark Miso soup. You can have supper breakfast at sakura. In the beginning, you can have mid- morning snacks and beverages at the workplace. Sakura is best Japanese restaurant.

Meal should have high water content – in general, we put on weight by not consuming enough water. Meals in Japanese home comprise soup with miso, tofu, green vegetables, spinaches, some rice and fish. If you compare water level in meals of nationalities, Japanese would be number one. Their food quantity is less then water. Meals with high water content are easy to cook and make the dinner digestive. You can have the soup of Sakae Sushi. Their cuisine has real taste of Japan and offer you more healthier and yummy.

Minimal use of oil and dairy products – Japanese prefer to have limited dairy products as they are enriched with more fatty ingredients. They more rely on the green vegetables and fish to balance the calcium quota. While, we Indians don’t have food until it is stuffed with oil. This is big reason to gain weight immediately. Japanese cuisine also prefer to make food with less oil and make your healthy lifestyle.

So guys, keep above points in your mind and say big yes to strict dieting. Don’t forget to follow exercise rules. Go ahead and get some gifts in return. Please share your diet plan also with me.

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