With climate change and environmental issues beginning to take center stage in our daily lives, sustainability has become more important than ever. This has lead to many new innovations in our culture, like hybrid and electric cars, wind and solar power, healthier food choices, and other eco-friendly products and services. This new trend not only includes products related to power and electronics, but also the clothes we wear.

But wait: sustainable clothes? How does that work? Sustainable clothing involves harvesting and cultivating practices that are less abrasive or harmful on the environment. This can range from omitting leather and other animal products to minimizing the traditionally chemical-friendly cultivation of crops like cotton that require huge amounts of pesticides.

So why should you consider sustainable clothing brands? Continue reading to learn about the factors you should think about when considering making the switch to sustainable clothing.

  1. Sustainable Clothing Has A Longer Shelf-Life

One of the main reasons sustainable clothing should be considered is essentially in the name “sustainable” itself: it sustains really well over time. These clothes last longer since they don’t often require as aggressive of a wash as the apparel manufactured by fast-fashion brands out there; cold water with a gentle spin is usually enough to get a good wash out of your organically-grown clothing items.

In addition to sustainable clothing lasting longer and being more durable, it stands to reason that it’ll save you money since you won’t be spending that extra money on replacing your worn, torn and faded non-sustainable clothing every six months.

  1. It’s Less Harmful to Animals (Including Humans)

We all love animals, and by investing in sustainable clothing, you are effectively saving the lives of our four-legged friends, since vegan clothing is technically classified as sustainable clothing. By choosing faux-leather jackets, pants, boots, gloves and handbags versus real leather, you are ensuring that you aren’t contributing to the slaughter of cows, as well as the environmentally-unfriendly practices that go hand-in-hand with raising them.

Maintaining a vegan wardrobe can extend to avoiding all products that come from animals, including silk and wool. There are a growing number of alternative fabrics and materials to those which come from animals, many of which are natural and organic, as well. Seaweed, wood, beech tree fiber, hemp, and soybeans are all being used in the design and manufacture of clothes — all of which are comfortable, durable, and best of all, vegan!

  1. Sustainable Clothing Supports Small Business

While the sustainable clothing movement is beginning to grow and expand into bigger, more well-established clothing brands, designers and manufacturers, most brands focused on sustainable, eco-friendly and socially conscious apparel and accessories are small businesses. These small businesses are, in turn, often supporting local farmers and small-scale textile producers who are creating the materials and fabrics used in creating the sustainable clothing. By investing in sustainable clothing, you’re directly supporting multiple businesses and producers who are advancing this socially-conscious movement.

  1. It’s Better for the Environment

This has been getting touched on here and there throughout this article, but it’s important to emphasize: sustainable clothing is also great for the environment. Not only do the materials used in organic, vegan, and other sustainable types of clothing pollute the environment less in their production, but their long-term quality also ensures less waste from those who purchase and wear them. It even saves on water with the less intense wash cycles mentioned earlier!

You should always do your research before purchasing your sustainable and vegan clothing; don’t be afraid to contact the brand to ask a bit more about where they source their clothing or fabrics. If you do choose to buy and wear sustainable clothing, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to feel even better than you’ll look!

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