Halloween is a night where girl can flaunt her extra bold style – skip your overfussly dresses and wear cat ears, black eye makeup and ofcourse Vampire teeth. This is best time to pull out your fanciest dresses and be the batwomen. Experiment these 5 scary look to prepare for the magical night and blow others mind.
1. Sexy Vampire from Vampire Diaries


  Image Source:- I.ytimg

2. Courteney Cox Doll from Annabelle

Courteney Cox Doll

Image Source:- Assets.nydailynews
3. The Laie Lady who looks like The grudge

The grudge

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4. Scariest Look From The Ring

Scariest look

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5. The Saw psycho makeup look

saw psycho look

  Image Source:- Cosmouk

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