Summer is over and with it the busiest wedding season, so now you can relax and… start planning for the fall wedding season. There is always another wedding to attend but if you had a summer schedule full of them, it can be tricky to come up with new outfit ideas for your loved ones’ special day. You might even feel that the changing weather is making things more difficult than they should be. No matter how you feel now, after reading this article, you will see that fall is actually the best season for weddings and you will surely have your next wedding outfit figured out.

The jumpsuit

One piece that makes a whole outfit! Jumpsuits are great for fall weddings. They are stylish and classy and if you wear them right, you will look amazing. The best fit for a formal occasion would be a jumpsuit with wide legs. You will feel comfortable and trendy. They are easily paired with high heels, which is always a good idea when you are attending a wedding, and they go great with blazers for those late night chills you are bound to experience as the wedding progresses. Jumpsuits are quite a statement on their own, so you shouldn’t go overboard with accessorizing. A simple necklace that complements the collar and flawless make-up are all you need.

Simple dress and ankle boots

Fall is the season for showing our love for the ankle boots. They are cute, stylish, comfortable, they go with everything, and they will make you happy. Colder weather is perfect for matching something simple with a nice pair of ankle boots and feeling chic. Start with a pair of boots and build the rest of the outfit around it. You need something classy with heels; wearing a flat pair of boots might be too casual for a wedding. Since the focus of the outfit is on the shoes you are wearing, the dress should be short enough to show them. Anything from knee length to ankle length will be fine.

Bell sleeve dress

This style of dresses is very trendy this year. It was inspired by the trends of the seventies and it is best suited for a more casual wedding. You can find lovely short dresses with bell sleeves in autumnal colors that are great for warmer days. You should always have an outfit ready for a warmer day during fall, as the weather can change. Thinking about every detail and being prepared for every situation is what will make you truly chic. Take a cue from Australian girls who are always prepared for come what may. Down under, fall tends to be warmer and trendy sunglasses in Australia are a part of every wedding outfit.

Long evening dress

There is nothing more elegant than the long evening dress. Attending weddings is about our loved ones and being there for them on their special day, but also about getting a chance to dress up. And a colder fall day is the best opportunity to wear a long evening dress. It will be cold enough for you to feel comfortable in a long dress but not cold enough to have to wear much else. For the best outfit, you should pair the dress with sandals. Since the dress is long, you can wear flats and still look good.

Beaded fringe dress

A fall formal occasion is a perfect opportunity to wear a thirties-inspired beaded fringe dress. They are elegant but also a bit edgy, and they are perfect for the dance floor. Choose one that is loosely fitted for comfort and sparkly for the effect. This is another outfit where the focus should be on the dress and it is best paired with simple heels and earrings, as the dress will be sparkly enough.

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