There is a big mix of opinions when it comes to gym fashion, some thinking that you are simply there to exercise, and there’s no need to put any thought into fashion, while others say that there is never a time in our lives when we shouldn’t think about fashion! No matter which side you are on, we can all agree that there’s no harm in taking the extra step to dress up nicely, even for a simple yoga class. But what are the things that we should be considering?


No force on this planet will be able to help you if you are in the middle of a class in something you don’t feel comfortable in. Whether that is clothes that are too tight, making you physically uncomfortable, or just something that you personally do not feel good in, like clothes that are too revealing – you shouldn’t wear it. Just because everyone else in your class is there in super tight legging and a cute bralette, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Dress for yourself, not for anyone else, and you will be able to focus solely on what you are there for, without worrying about your outfit.


The question you should be asking yourself is: what am I going there to do? If you are attending a yoga class, you probably know all the things that you will be asked to do, and you should dress accordingly. Make sure that you are wearing something stretchy that will move with your body while you are doing your exercise. Also, consider things like: will your teacher want to see your body, or parts of it, to see if you are doing the exercise properly.


The easiest way to look cute without too much effort and planning is – to wear sets! They come in all colors, prints and varieties. Don’t think that sets include only bralettes and shorts – they actually come with all different types of tops and bottoms like leggings, shirts, crop tops, and you can check out a lot of them on Sivana Spirit. If you’re not someone who wants to devote a lot of time to thinking about fashion, but still want to look cute – sets are the way to go.


When choosing materials, make sure that they are all completely breathable and as natural as possible. Exercising means that you will be sweating and your skin is going to want to breathe. Cotton should be your number one choice, but other materials can fly as well. Try and stay away from polyester and spandex, since they won’t let your skin breathe and make you even warmer.


When it comes to yoga, a great way to channel your energy is through the colors you wear. Going to a morning class? Wear yellow to say hello to the sun or blue to embrace the peace of mind. Patterns can be a fun addition to your outfit, or just keep it plain and simple. Colors can also be a great way to conceal the fact that you are sweating, if that is something you are uncomfortable with. Wearing black or white shows less sweat stains, so that is something you can opt for. After all, you are there to get your body moving and put your mind at ease. Remember not to compare yourself to others around you, or what they are wearing. You are there for yourself, not for other people. The most important thing is that you feel good in your own skin.

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