When it comes to make up, a look is incomplete without a complimentary lipstick. Ladies, just like us, if you are also little obsessed about owing lipstick shades, then, we bring you five must have lipsticks for every girl. Be it office, college or just a casual day out, your lips need to look their best. So, check out these five lip shades and nurture your lips with the best.

1. A Bright Orange Lipstick: Add a pop of color to your overall look with a bright orange lipstick; some people find it hard to pull off this tone. A matte finish orange shade works best for everyone.

Bright Orange Lipstick
Image Source: Mypaleskin

2. A Classic Red: Trust us, when it in:sent comes to red lipstick, you may have to try fifty shades of red to find the perfect one that suits your personality. It is one of the most classic shades and there is a perfect shade of red available for every skin tone.

Classic Red lipstick
Image Source: Travelandstyle

3. A Hot Pink Lipstick: Wear a hot pink lipstick any time of any day and you are all set for night party or summer brunch. This shade of lipstick brings out the best feminine look and makes you feel fresh all day.

Hot Pink lipstick
Image Source: Ytimg

4. A Nude Lipstick: Even a dash of nude lipstick against a summer dress make heads turn. You just have to hunt for the perfect nude shade that won’t make you look dead and correctly balance out your skin tone.

Nude Lipstick
Image Source: Myfreeproductsamples

5. A MLLB (My Lips but Better Lipstick): When everything fails, a MLLB lipstick would definitely work. This is an everyday lipstick which can be in the shades of pale brown, rosy pink or any shade that you love to wear anytime. They go best with casual tees, office outfits or Indian wears.

Rosy Pink Lipstick
Image Source: Turbo.Shamelessfripperies

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