Shiny blowouts, sexy messy curls and romantic waves. They are the most feminine and flattering hairstyles for a perfect date, especially if the date is for a wedding proposal….you get the idea. You must be busy in deciding your dress and perfect look, so here are five top date night hairstyle you should try for your special date.

A Soft Blowout

A Soft Blowout

A classic smooth blowout with an incredible shine and soft blend, that’s too romantic. Take a round large brush when drying your hair it will add body and slight curve at the ends of your hair. When your hairs are totally dry spray some mist on it for shine from an arm’s length.

Messy Ends

Messy Ends

I’m sure all you ladies want to have super wavy, big and extra glossy hairs. To get this look you need to start with a rough blowout. You really don’t want a perfect blowout, give yourself a rough dry out and then wrap around a large barrel curling iron and put on some shine serum from the midshaft down.

Over-The-Shoulder Look

over the shoulder hairstyle

Go for a side deep partition look, gather your hair on the opposite shoulder and boom you will have billionaire look. This hairstyle is the most famous and classic; it gives you a flirty look which suits best on date night. You need a few tricks to maintain this look for the entire day or night. To prevent an awkward mid-dinner flop apply a strong hairstyle holding gel to your parting hair when they are damp and then blow dry that area.

The Bedhead Look

The Bedhead Hairstyle

Constantly fretting about your hairs that whether every strand will stay in its place won’t really let you enjoy your date night. Defeat this hair anxiety by trying Kristen Stewart’s intentional imperfect long strands. Take some volumizing mousse and grease your hair with it and then let them air-dry. And don’t give your hairs any partitions just keep it easy.

Voluminous Half-Up Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Hairstyle

Get the Taylor Swift look with relaxed waves and loads of volume at the crown; this hairstyle gives a coquettish look. Start with your damp roots spray some volumizing spray like Loreal Paris Everstyle Volume Spray and then lift the roots of the crown with a round big hair brush. For extra height wrap the hairs of the crown in big rollers to maintain a height. Mess up the rest of your hairs whil blow-drying and take out the rollers, curl them round with one inch iron. Secure the raised hairs with pins in crisscrossed design it looks cute while keeping your hairstyle intact.

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