It is the last moment again and the old wedding dress in the closet refuses to get on that round shaped beautiful body? Nothing to worry, one can find all sorts of dresses on rent in Delhi.

The rented dress market is growing fast and wide. A great variety of cloths can be found there which were otherwise unavailable sometime back. These dresses are for a variety of purposes as well. If one is looking for dresses for theater performance, or a fancy dress party, or for weddings, one can easily find wedding dresses on rent in Delhi. It is in fact, a booming business, their customers range from children to people belonging to the merrymaking age group.

Also renting dresses does not cost as much as the rising retail price tags. A whole range of dresses and costumes can be found at reasonable rates.

The five types of dresses that are better taken on rent:

Wedding dresses:


It is highly unlikely that one goes for a wedding as frequently as one visits the local chemist. Moreover, the wedding cloths end up costing a lot. Also, to keep in mind our human bodies keep on changing its shape much frequently than it ideally should. There would be those fitting related issues all the time resulting in the last moment cacophony. There would be a variety of wedding dresses to choose from.



They make any man look nothing less than Mr. Bond himself. Everybody knows how expensive they can get and then the alteration process et cetera. All in all, it is a painful exercise, and not so helpful on the pocket either.

Dresses for costume parties:


The schools have such parties where children are required to dress up as some fantasy character and it is always hard to say no to your child. But more importantly finding a dress appropriate for a fancy dress or costume parties in a retail store is much difficult. Therefore, such clothes should ideally be rented. And, having your child run in a chicken suit everywhere is not the best idea.

For school performances:

dresses for children
dresses for children

Be it the school’s annual day, or a dance performance or any other function. They require quite an elaborate setup and a variety of dress paraphernalia attached along with jeweleries. It becomes nearly impossible to locate each one of them. Therefore, they are usually rented.

Celebrity Dresses:

celebrity dresses
celebrity dresses

This is sort of a new offering from the rent a dress circle in Delhi. Everybody fancies being dressed like a celebrity and it now has become a reasonable possibility.

Quality is always a matter of concern for various people when looking for dresses on rent in Delhi. The websites that list such ads are a boon to a normal person. Buying these dresses could be a very expensive affair. However, there are few points to be kept in mind while taking these dresses on rent. Looking in and checking for smells and dirt is always a good idea before taking such dresses. Such clothes may be stock piled one over the other and carry bugs and funguses, so keeping an eye for them is also advisable.

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