Lately, everyone’s been hyping on the rules related to the first date when, in reality, things are way simpler than we think. The idea (at least we hope that’s still the idea) is to have a blast, make your (future) partner feel amazing and feel phenomenal yourself! Usually, this cannot be achieved unless your heart is in it, no matter how many rules you read online.

Assuming you are smart (we know you are) and ready to approach things differently than other terrified-of-the-first-date gals would, we’re giving you five tips to follow and enjoy your time!

Let your guard down

To have a blast, take that pout off your face and show your wonderful, smiling face. You came to this date to have fun, enjoy yourself and love every second of it. With that in mind, forget your successful career, deadlines, your fat paycheck, million hours at the gym and that slice of kale in your fridge you’ve been living on. Be the girl who’s smitten with that boy standing in front of you. No, we’re not suggesting letting go of everything that’s your identity, far from it. We’re suggesting you leave that for some other time. This time around, let him fall for the sweet, cuddly you… ok?

Be spontaneous

You wanna know how to attract a man that you like? Guys are pretty simple – they like things that are easy and fun, so why wouldn’t you be just that! Let your inner wild animal free (please, don’t get a tattoo after you had one too many) and show him you’re not just a pair of heels and Miu Miu clutch! Come to the date wearing chill wardrobe and minimal makeup. Follow his lead or take the lead – as long as things are chill. Go shooting pool or darts, go have a beer or see a game. Wander into a gallery opening or go for a relaxed walk around the neighborhood you haven’t seen before. Make things fun!

Show respect

What we are about to tell you is one of the best first date tips you’ll ever get, so focus.

While footing the entire bill is something our moms taught us is the right thing to do (according to the gentlemen’s rulebook), the modern-day suggest not the opposite, but something similar. Always offer to pay half of the bill or even the entire bill and wait for his reaction. If he insists on paying for it, let him. Don’t fight him on it. By offering to pay, you are showing a) you’ve got the money to support yourself and didn’t come on a date to meet your golden daddy b) you respect his budget and don’t want to be a burden. He’ll appreciate you offering, trust us. No one likes a diva, not if they’re in the right mind.


Women do have the tendency to babble. What!? We do! And that’s okay – as long as we know how to control it. Unlike us, men are creatures of few words. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested in having a conversation with us, it’s just that – they prefer being to the point rather than going on and on about one and the same thing. In order to have a blast on your date, let him talk a bit. Don’t overwhelm the date by having too much to say all the time. Give him a chance to talk, listen to what’s he got to say and show interest in what’s he’s telling you. Ask smart questions and don’t interrupt him. Rather, engage in the conversation. He’ll love that you are interested and you’ll love the feedback that you’re getting. Keep things intriguing. Leave something for the second date, please.

Bring up a topic

When two people click, they’ll most likely remember every single detail about one another. When he’s walking you home, bring up a topic you’ve been talking about at the start of your date. That way you’ll show that you’ve been listening to him and you’re interested in what he’s got to say. Plus, you’ll get to spend some more time together revising that talk which is pretty great, don’t you think? And, he’ll probably kiss you there and then.

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