New Year has begun and so have your plans to try something new for fashion-enthusiasts, new make-up trends is a matter of keen interest. Here’s a list of 8 make up trends to help you look a class apart at any given occasion.

1) Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Almost, all make-up professionals swear by this classic shade for your lips. Either in satin, glossy or matte finish; bright red lipstick goes well with all skin tones or almost all types of attires.

2) Blue Eye-liner

bule eyeliner

Chuck that conventional yet black eye-liner and go for shades of blue. These include turquoise, cobalt, aqua marine, peacock-blue, cyan etc among other shades of blue. It would not only brighten up your eyes, but will also render a fresher and distinctive look. Since eyes are quite delicate and prone to infections, choose reputed brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme etc. while buying cosmetic online or offline.

3) Peach and Pink Eye-shadows

peach eyeshdow

Pinks and peaches are not just for your lips, but also for your eye-lids. These colors has eye-shadows can make your look both demure and sensual at the same time. Women with fairer to wheatish skin tone should go for lighter shades of these two colors. On the contrary, dusky ladies should choose darker shades of pink and peach.

4) Glittery Lids

Glittery Lids

Glittery is not equal to gaudy anymore. Apply a little glitter on your eye-lids and be a trend-setter in your gang of girls. Be subtle! Do not overload your eye-lids with glitter. The idea here is to try something new, and not end up making your face look like a 3D sparkle sheet.

5) Bronze-Tones

bronze makeup

Bronze make-up is the sure shot way to get that tanned-yet-radiant look. The trick here is to use a bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone. While sheer shades suit most of the skin tones, darker shades with heavy pigments are apt for people with fairer skin tone. Add a luminizer in your foundation to create a natural looking base. This would help enhance the bronze-effect.

6) Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids

To make head turn, spot a twisted braid in this season. It is not only a stylish choice, but also suits both formal and informal occasions. This low-maintenance hairstyle looks even more chic and trendy if you have got streaks.

7) French Manicure

French Manicure

Seductive, neat, well-groomed, look everything at once by getting this French Manicure with a twist. Angular shaped nails with hints of color on the frontal tips will add that oomph factor to your personality.

8) Single-spot accentuation

subtle contouring

Instead of highlighting your cheekbones, jaw-lines and nose at once, choose any one area to contour. This kind of subtle contouring will give a more natural look to your face.

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