We always talk about fashion but we hardly talk about office fashion. It is very important for an employee to appear highly professional in front of boss and clients as well. Dress etiquettes are the must in the corporate world to maintain the status of the organization. So, you must explore your wardrobe to impress your superiors and your clients. Just a few dresses and it will not be hard to look smart and impressive.

Here, is few dresses idea I am mentioning that will solve your daily tension of selecting perfect and fashionable outfit for your work.
1. Formal Skirt

Formal Skirt

The first one in my list of fashionable office wear is formal skirts with well fitted shirts. They are the best option for the women, who work in corporate sector. Tying a neat ponytail with a stylish watch is a perfect dress up for your professional meetings.

2. Plain Kurta with jeans

Plain Kurta with jeans

If you love Indian look, and also your office allowed wearing some Indian, then you must try plain light-colored kurta with denim. They are simple and sober both, but give the highly classy look in the office. Also, they are most comfortable attire for the office especially in summer.
3. Pant Suit


It is essential to have a pair of pants along with a matching jacket. They are normally of darker shades but you can add your own style to the pantsuit by wearing it with a simple blouse or even with a camisole. They look highly professional at offices.
4. Skirt Suit

Skirt Suit

There is no substitute for pencil slim skirt. There are many styles of pencil skirts that include boxy pleats, straight cut and or lengths include above the knee, below the knee and up to the ankle. Girls look confident and elegant in these fashionable skirt suits.
5. Pant with Formal top

Pant with Formal top

It is good to have a tailored blouse or a formal top with a pant. For complementing this pair you must carry a scarf. This can also be combined with jeans as well.

Whatever you wear, it should speak your confidence, style, and attitude at your workplace. So, don’t ignore your office fashion, as it is another way to flaunt your style.

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