Ah, it’s your wedding day and you probably can’t be more excited than you already are! And, if we are to be completely honest, you should be! Your wedding day is your time to shine and with these beauty tricks we’ve singled out for you, you’ll definitely be the talk of the wedding – not because you have to be talked about (since it’s your wedding day) but because you’ll look so good that all eyes will be on you!

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your summer wedding day unforgettable:

Embrace nature

Since you’ve opted for a summer wedding, it’s clear you are a romantic, a free soul if you will – so, your W day is the perfect time to embrace it! The less makeup the better, no heels, easy materials and nothing too constrained clothes-wise.

embrace nature

Mess it up

Summer is that time of year when we just wash our hair and let it fall down in natural locks. For your wedding, opt for a styled up version of natural vibes – curl your hair and style it up with a flower behind your ear, wear loose braids, a messy bun or a ponytail or, for a boho chic look, take a chance with a wet hair sleek back (the hair doesn’t have to be really wet, but your hairdress will help you make it look so) to imitate emerging from the ocean. Whichever style of these you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Let the sun kiss you

You are probably going to be super tanned by the time you are to walk down the isle; although don’t force that too dark a look many summer brides make a mistake of practicing – it looks fake and instead of sending the glowy summer vibe it sends a oh-my-god-I-fell-asleep-in-the-sun vibe.

let the sun kiss you

Anyway, your a bit darker skin will be an amazing base for light makeup. Big lashes, a bit of shimmer on the eye lids, a bi of blush on the cheekbones and a lipstick – and you are done! We’d suggest a lipstick in mauve, coral, beige or any other natural naked palette as the summer calls for freshness and easy. If you really want a piece of your makeup to stand out, wear red or some other darker lipstick – it can be a good balance to the “nakedness” of your look.

Wear nothing

…nothing that makes you uncomfortable! Choosing clothes that will make you suffer a heat stroke is not going to do you any justice, no matter how gorgeous your dress look. If you are sweating heavily (and you will in any clothes that too curve-hugging), nobody will be looking at the dress at all but the pools of sweat dripping down your skin! Instead, opt for light materials and flowy cuts that will imitate the easiness of the summer and you can style it with chic and bewitching jewelry pieces for boho inspired look. If you’ve got a good pair of legs, wearing a shorter wedding dress is also a great, unusual and fun option. For all of you who really can’t do without a dress that emphasizes their curves and is tight, we’d suggest opting for natural materials that will feel good on the skin – that way, you’ll look like you’ve always dreamed you will and be cool at the same time.

wear nothing uncomfortable

High heels? No, thanks

A summer wedding isn’t the time to wear heels unless you are throwing a wedding in a fancy hotel overweening the sea. If you are getting married on the beach, choose flats that will complete your already laid back adorable style – from ballerina shoes to flip flops, anything flies! If you care to challenge your inner wild child, exchange your vows barefoot! It will be absolutely amazing, fun and unique – the guests will probably talk about it for months after the reception!

Have a happy wedding, you gorgeous little flower and live happily ever after!

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