Who wouldn’t love to make life easier and simpler? All of us do but most often we fall short of ideas that can make our dream come true. When it comes to fashion or taking care of clothes, our wardrobe, washing clothes, ironing them, there are so many instances when we wonder to ourselves wishing there was some easier process to get things done in the right way. Actually, everything has got its right way or rather tricks which can help us do the same thing easily but we are not much aware of it. So, are you ready to check out some fashion hacks or fashion ideas which you might not have known? If yes, check out the quick list mentioned below.

Avoid sweat stains:

Avoid sweat stains

During the summer season, most of us hate the stains of sweat in our tops and shirts. But what to do about it apart from washing it off? Well, if you think your sweat stains are embarrassing you, you can use your panty liners to prevent this from taking place. The panty liner will help you avoid such stains.

Stains of deodorants:

Stains of deodorants

Suppose you choose your favorite outfit for your party and you wear it and look extremely cute in it. Just when you start moving out, you notice that the stains of deodorant are right there on your dress! What should you do now! Well, you need not change your dress as you can let go of the stains by using baby wipes. Isn’t that a great idea?

Keeping your jeans within your shoes:

Keeping your jeans within your shoes
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Do you think that the lower end of your jeans is getting dirty too often and is even tearing very fast? If you can’t keep your jeans within your boots, you can use mitten clips to fasten the lower portion of the pants and thereby keep them inside your shoes.

How to roll your sleeves:

How to roll your sleeves
Source: Thateffortlessbitch.style

This is a pretty simple but most of us are not aware of how to do it in the right way. You should start with the sleeves which are left unrolled and unbuttoned, then roll the sleeve up about 2widths of the cuff. Then again roll to the bottom of the cuff and then roll once more so that you can leave the cuff exposed at the top of the shirt. This is the ideal way to roll the sleeves of your shirt.

Bra repair:

Bra repair
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If you’re wearing a wired bra and the underwire comes out of the bra and hurts your skin throughout the day, you must be thinking of throwing it off once you reach home? But wait, you can just apply a moleskin piece on the hole and there you go, the wire won’t hurt your skin anymore.

So, if you wish to make things easier and simpler, follow the beauty hacks mentioned above and be a smart woman throughout your life.

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