We all love to talk about celebs, and sometimes, those talks turn into gossips and we discuss about fashion failures of some stars. Luckily, there are plenty to talk about, because A-listers are far from perfect, and they all make mistakes. Did you notice, however, that there is rarely a place for Jessica Alba in such discussions? The lady can truly be proud of her impeccable style, both on the streets and on the red carpet. She has wowed us a million times with her ingenious, innovative, yet subtle outfits, and there is no doubt that we would all love to peek into her wardrobe. It turns out however, that her home is equally as stylish. So let us take a peek into both.

Jessica's Wardrobe Peek

The Wardrobe Peek

The actress is famous for her amazing street style, but her red carpet outfits can put up a fight. What both styles have in common is the ultimate simplicity decorated with a touch of fun.

  • The streets – On the street the actress love to draw attention to her outfits, but at the same time she keeps them simple enough, so that any next-door girl could copy her style. She can easily pull off a bold combination of colors and patterns (e.g. graphic print dress + bright yellow coat). She also uses printed accessories (leopard-print backpack) to add some fun to ordinary neutral outfits. The actress would never allow her outfit to look boring an unappealing, so, when left with no other choice, she tops it all with a stylish fedora. The ultimate effortless-chic for her is the pair of jeans + leather jacket combo.
  • The red carpet – If there is anything we love about Jessica Alba’s red carpet style that is her je ne sais qui simple elegance. Really, those body embracing lines, monochromatic outfits, chic, yet simple hairstyles – simply enchanting. Her most perfect and most feminine outfits, where paradoxically men’s suits. Because of them, Tommy Hilfiger once said she is “American style icon” with menswear influences. That does not mean our lady cannot pull off a dress when she feels like it. She prefers timeless gowns with a fashionable twist and pure elegance lightweight dresses.
Jessica's style

The Home Décor Peek

The actress’s home décor is much like her fashion style – simple, well accessorized and all in all, impeccable. From the very entrance you can see how captivated by nature she is – the river rock and bamboo are greeting you on your way in, and everything is designed with a touch of Balinese inspiration. There is plant life throughout the house, so it is no wonder she has her own sustainable green wall. The furniture is a reminiscence of her red carpet outfits – simple, neutral colored and sleek lined. The classic wooden furniture is enriched with unique pieces such as trunk coffee table and French bench. The neutral colors of the living room are made interesting with a patterned carpet. The family room is elongated, elegant, simple and irresistible. Oh, and we are completely in love with her kitchen. Simple, shiny and modern, with warm touch of bamboo blinds and the color on the walls which simply screams “sunny” – this kitchen is an Oscar worthy décor. The bedroom is soothing, with a large bed and wooden furniture. The ceiling wooden fan, makes the place feel like a seaside resort. In the end amazing green-yellow bathroom is bringing the perfect contrast of classic and modern.

Jessica’s house

Our homes are reflections of our personality and our overall style. It is no wonder Jessica’s house is so sublime, when her fashion choices are always unmistakable. Hopefully, these peeks will help you add a thing or two to your style – it is best to learn from the best.

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