The year is 2018 and we’re all done with our celebrations. But the New Year brings with it a new challenge: How to look fashionably warm and trendy? One word solves it all –layers. With this magic word you can combine all the latest trends into one super-cool outfit. Another major plus point is that it’s a stylish way to protect yourself from the increasingly cold weather.

But beware! For the skill of layering is one not easily conquered. Here are a few simple tips that will make you a pro at layering tastefully in no time.

Get Creative

Get Creative

Improvise and Innovate. Many of the items gathering dust at the back of your closet have made a huge comeback this year. 2018 is all about funky trends.

To start up your outfit it’s better to begin with thinner layers and build your way over them. So dig out those leotards, turtlenecks, yoga pants – anything that will cling to you like a second skin.

As you layer, it helps to have a picture in mind. Think of it as a puzzle. It would be much harder to compile if you didn’t know what you were trying to end up with, no? As for the picture itself, the idea is to not look like a sack of fabrics. Maintain your structure. A smart well-tailored blazer or a chic cropped jacket is a good approach.

In addition, cinching has made a comeback straight from the 50s. So you can add new life to your long coats by securing them at the waist with a chic belt. Yet if you’re more inclined towards looking fashionably messy, 2018 gives you just the opportunity to bring out your oversized sweaters, scarves and hoodies – but one at a time please!

A neat trick is to limit your layers to the top and keep your stems slim and simple to create a more focused look. However, if you have a pear-shaped or heavier body, you might want to keep the attention to your legs. Do not use your socks for layering! Thankfully, that trend ended with the 80s. Instead you can opt for this season’s faux pas – slouchy boots – to layer your legs.

Mix It Up

Mix it up

This is the most crucial and yet the most dangerous part in layering, because without it you’d end up looking like a plain old Jane. To make your outfit stand out, you should play with different colours and textures much as an artist plays with his paints.

Try to use at least two different types of fabric in your ensemble. This year has brought a variety of textures back into the game. Faux fur scarves, lacy gloves, denim jackets, patent leather pants – have all been included in 2018’s fashion trends.

Cosy accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves are always a welcome addition in winters. This year try going out of your comfort zone and dabbling with the trending hooded scarves, fringes, and matching crochet trios.

Last Touches

layering up

Before you head out to enjoy the New Year in all its glory, do not miss out on going over your outfit one last time. If you look like you borrowed clothes from everyone you know, then you need to rethink your ensemble. The beauty of layering is that you can always make little swatches without a lot of trouble.

Know your trends, and then know what you can pull off. Your clothes should always represent the beautiful, confident woman that you know you are!

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