While everyone was busy speculating what Bollywood’s ‘desi’ girl Priyanka Chopra would sport for the Oscars, the actress actually surprised all with her look for the occasion. Her gown and natural make-up defining her sharp features impressed her fans and followers. However, it also came as a surprise for many as they were expecting her to be seen in the nine yards of elegance. While it has nothing to do with the catching attention of paparazzi, the decision to put on a gown instead of a sari is a rather smart professional move considering her upcoming Hollywood venture.

Seeing Priyanka in that pristine white mermaid gown by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad sends a clear message that the girl wanted to be comfortable in her skin while looking every bit a diva with a little dash of modern elegance.

Her name as the star presenter at the 88th Academy Awards ceremony itself makes every Indian proud of her. But, her fashion sense, look and style for the ceremony clearly indicates how effortlessly she can carry the essence of culture where she is. She looked an integral part of the Hollywood where she has already made her presence felt.

If you want to follow the footsteps of Priyanka, then go ahead with these style and makeup tips:

The hairdo:

The hairdo

Begin by taking a small horseshoe section on the top, and keep it separate. Secure the rest of the hair backside in a low pony.

Now take the top section and comb it towards the back. Make a center parting with this section and smoothen it to later secure it with the low pony at your back. You can use a mild holding spray to avoid frizzing.

The make-up:

The makeup

Prep the face, and go ahead to prominently highlight facial features by choosing two-three shades lighter foundation. Then, choose a darker foundation for contouring.

The glamorous eyes:

Eye Makeup

Prepare the arch line using a sharpened dark pencil and blend with a blow brush. Use a brownish eye shadow in combination with black eyeliner in water line to highlight the eyes. Give a touch of drama and glamour with longer lashes using mascara.



Cover lips using skin colour foundation and outline with burgundy. Then, fill in the burgundy colour lipstick for the perfect look. The cupid bow can be dipped deeper for a well-sculpted pout.

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