Just like other art forms, fashion is meant to inspire you and encourage you to explore and reinvent yourself often. In addition, it can also be used to convey some pretty powerful messages and ask controversial questions. Everyone likes to buy affordable clothes because it is best for their budget, but sometimes you have to ask yourself: is it all about me? Eco fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason – Mother Nature knows best!

What is Eco-friendly Fashion?

Eco-friendly fashion is turned towards natural materials in the first place, so while this means that your clothes will take longer to dry and that it won’t be wrinkle-free, it also means that it is free of acids, heavy metals, and toxic dyes that are otherwise present.

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Furthermore, it also means that the cotton your clothes are made of is organic and hasn’t been treated with pesticides, which as a result gives us healthier soil and water, and your skin is not exposed to dangerous chemicals. So, asides from being environmentally friendly, such clothes are also healthier to wear.

Slow Fashion and Why It’s Good

In today’s consumer society, everything is fast, ready-made, and easily spent (and broken). On the other hand, ‘slow fashion’ is focused more on people, their health, and nature than it is on making the fast profit.

Sustainable clothing is made of organic materials such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo, and often include pieces that are made of recycled or upcycled fabrics. As a result, the amount of artificial materials is reduced as is the amount of energy needed to produce them, leaving us in much healthier environment.

Frugal and Sustainable Choices

It may seem that the only thing you can do is turn to eco-friendly fashion and buy pieces that are made of organic materials, but there is something else. Try changing your approach to fashion altogether and start rationing when it comes to clothes shopping. Do you really need a dozen of white shirts and six pairs of black jeans?

Frugal and Sustainable Choices

When buying clothes, opt for pieces that are easy to combine and mix with others, so that you can pull off several different looks with one piece instead of having to buy clothes for each one. To do that you should plan ahead and think about clothes and styles you usually like to wear so that the item you are planning to buy can fit perfectly.

Be Informed and Make a Difference

Sometimes, a company will state that their clothes are made of organic materials (bamboo, linen, hemp, etc), but the ways these are processed may not be environmentally-friendly. The best thing to do is to get informed about companies that use not only organic products but their means of production are ‘green’ as well. Additional small changes in your lifestyle are also welcome, for example organic makeup that has not been tested on animals, or organic skin care products that focus on natural ingredients such as essential oils.

Be Informed and Make a Difference

By choosing to wear eco-friendly clothes, you will be helping our planet, and it certainly needs all the help it can get. One person cannot fight the pollution by itself, but by choosing to do things differently they certainly can make a difference in a long run. Do what is best for your health and the health of our planet, and allow yourself to be inspired by eco-friendly trends in fashion industry.

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