07, March, 2020.  Grehlakshmi, The Favourite Hangout and largest community of Housewives, hosted the season 5 of GREHLAKSHMI DOPAHAR with one of the most prestigious Women club of Delhi Urja club in the spirit of Women’s day and Holi.

Grehlakshmi Dopahar is the biggest housewives engagement program curated and initiated by Grehlakshmi Magazine. A delightful 2-3 hours bash providing housewives a dose of infotainment, pampering them with special titles and engaging them with fun-filled activities.

Organizer of the club and Grehlakshmi team created the perfect blend of Education and Entertainment, which resulted in the much needed fun filled afternoon for our Grehlakshmies.                       

The aim of ‘Grehlakshmi Afternoon’ is not only to make women happy but also to give a short break from everyday chores. Every Grehlakshmi spends all her time taking care of their home and family, so Grehlakshmi comes to the ladies to give them a little brake and relaxing afternoon to have some fun moments away from home. With many games and different types of activities like fashion show music to groove on, dance performances and created many such special memories with the members of the club. 

Event started with “Swachh Bharat Oath”. All the ladies took pledge to keep their surrounding and homes clean, plant more trees, teaching their kid the same values and will also encourage other people to do the same. This was folowed by the varoius performance, games, and felicitating all the amazing ladies for their outstanding contribution.

There was tremendous competition among women to become ‘Grehlakshmi Queen’. Confidence could be seen in every step they took on the ramp. Every woman had their different style and aura. Choosing three out these was proven to be a decision to make by judges. Three women who stand out the most and showed confidence and grace on the ramp were. The awards were given to them by our blog partner Anjali Dixit:

  • 2nd Runner-up:- Arti Chawla
  • 1st Runner-up:- Manju Sharma
  • Grehlakshmi Queen:- Vanshu

Grehlakshmi showed their gratification to all the women presented there by giving 5 more titles to the audience.

  • Ms. Fit &Active- Neetu Kohli
  • Ms. Colorful – Vimal Chawala
  • Ms. Diva- Preet kaur
  • Ms Early bird- Meena Aggarwal
  • Ms Chatar Patar- Rama Bharija 

About Grehlakshmi Dopahar –

 GREHLAKSHMI DOPAHAR- a delightful two hours bash, pampering women with loads of free beauty experiences; exciting product samplings; valuable consultative sessions and fabulous giveaways. Grehlakshmi Dopahar boasts 2 hours of non-stop entertainment through various engaging activities which would, during the process of entertainment, also attempt to educate. The event offers unique consumer interface, on-the-spot expert advice from health and nutrition experts and free experiential counters for Nail Art, Astrology, Tarot, Contests and Competitions, Quick spontaneous games, Grehlakshmi Titles, Food shows,Beauty Makeovers, Photo Opportunity Booth, Lucky Dips, Bumper prize and much more. 

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