When we talk about fashion, we instantly imagine trendy clothes, smart accessories and classy bags. We hardly think of shoes. But in reality shoes have a major impact on our style, look and personality. So, today’s hot pick is a pair of fashion footwear that’s not just fashionable, but also smart and comfortable to save from daily ‘shocks’ that you might get on bumpy roads. 

Happenstance is all about shoes that love your feet and complete your ensemble. The brand designs shoes backed by scientific discoveries to care for feet at the same time giving the best look one can desire. Let’s explore some interesting points about Happenstance shoes.

Refer to the pictures for one of the fantastic pairs from our comfy collection. The model is flaunting a pair of LOLA – Sunflower from Women’s collection and its perfectly complementing her Indian ensemble while softly comforting her feet. Contoured design, intelligent make and awesome look – this is what Happenstance is all about.  

Yet another fantastic pick from our collection is NEO – Beachside that’s contoured to perfect snuggle soles and keep you playful all the day. The most lovable thing about it is its versatility. Wear it for a walk along beaches, to complement your ethnic as well as a western ensemble.

Look and feel

OMG! You will simply love it. Stylish, fashionable and trendy, shoes are perfect for every personality and fashion taste. Whether you want to look the best at work or steal the show at a friend’s wedding, you will get the best companion from Happenstance. Pick any sandals or shoes, and you will fall in love with the design almost instantly. It’s sassy and classy!Anjali Dixit


Aha, there’s nothing as versatile as Happenstance shoes! Think of any look and a pair of Happenstance will complete it perfectly. Want to impress everyone in a business conference? Feeling festive? Planning a girls’ night out or there’s a traditional ceremony at home? Get ready effortlessly to impress everyone with your style.Anjali


It’s so relaxing that you would want to put it on all the time. As we hinted, the science behind it absorbs the shock and gives a smooth feel that comforts your feet like no other pair of shoes. The uniquely crafted footbeds and outsoles absorb shock from impacts and remain firm for enhanced comfort. Plus, the intuitive design dissipates weight all over and deep heel cups help fix feet firmly. 

Dance your heart out at a friend’s wedding, roam in the streets of Indian markets or go wherever you want – your shoes will absorb the impact and remain comfortable for longer. Anjali Dixit - Footwear


Your feet will love the coziness of shoes. Snug fit comes from the discreetly chosen combination of materials. Polyester, nylon, and hot melt yarns combine to form a super stretchy material that fits your feet like socks while offering the desired breathability. As they hug your feet, they remain flexible in doing so and you say goodbye to calluses, pinched toes, painful shoe bites and touch skin. The fabric remains soft and delicate on your skin. Happenstance - Anjali DixitYour collection of footwear definitely needs an upgrade with Happenstance. Choose shoes, flats, and sandals to pair your outfits for any occasion without compromising comfort and style. A pair of Happenstance would help you create your own fashion statement that you will be proud to flaunt on occasions. 

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