Have you ever noticed small black spots on your legs? For their resemblance to strawberry seeds, the condition is called strawberry legs. Don’t worry, as you can easily get rid of it with simple yet effective home remedies and self-care practices. 

Signs of strawberry legs:

  • Darkened open pores
  • Appearance of black or brown spots after shaving of legs
  • Pitted or dotted appearance

While the condition may not be painful or itchy, they can be a reason of embarrassment. If pain or itching occurs, it may be a sign of infection or an underlying condition and you should see a doctor immediately.


When open pores or hair follicles entrap oil, dead skin or bacteria it appears like dark spots on the skin. You will experience this condition especially after shaving or waxing legs. Other causative reasons could be dry skin, clogged pores, keratosis pilaris or foliculitis. 

Since strawberry legs look visually unappealing, you would want simple preventive methods or treatment options. Fortunately, there are several easy methods to do so. Simple steps at home can prevent occurrence of strawberry legs. However, if home remedies do not give desired outcomes, seeking medical advice is recommended. 

Follow these methods before seeing a doctor, as they would help:

Exfoliation Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation can remove dead skin and hence it is recommended to exfoliate your legs regularly. Doing this also makes it easier for new hair to grow. Exfoliation also prevents recurrence of strawberry legs.

As a sigh of relief, you can find several effective and high-quality wet exfoliating products online. 

Moisturizer Moisturizer 

Using a moisturizing cream is essential to hydrate the skin.  Application of a good quality moisturizing cream regularly improves the condition causing the strawberry appearance to go away. It is also effective to prevent future recurrences of strawberry legs. 

Salicylic or glycolic acidlotions

Salicylic or glycolic acid is used in various over-the-counter acne products. It is especially helpful in case of bacteria build up. You can use these products as an effective home remedy for strawberry legs. While improving acne conditions, these products can also prevent the appearance of strawberry legs. 

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