If your man has consented to you giving him a makeover, then he is a rare human being and you really shouldn’t let him go. It is many a girl’s dream to pick her guy’s wardrobe apart and style him in her preferred way. Let’s be real, as much as we love our men, it would be fun to see them wear something other than the usual pair of jeans and shirt to date night.

Whether you really are set to give your guy a much needed makeover or you are merely daydreaming about it, there are many affordable ways you can do so to take your guy’s street style from boring to bold. I am still waiting for my makeover permit to come through so until then, I will daydream about how I would do it with the fashion pieces found below.

Skinny everything

Skinny everything

I don’t know about you but I find that the skinny fit creates a much more polished and elegant look than the normal fit. While always keeping in mind the body shape of your guy, try the skinny fit on him by going for skinny fitting shirts and trousers. From sleek looking shirts worn to the office to dark denim skinny fit jeans for casual wear, this fit is great to turn him into a well-dressed man. You can also find him a tailor so that he can seam in some of his purchased items to make them fit perfectly to his body.

Introduce him to knitwear

Most guys seem to switch from suits and shirts for office wear to jeans and T-shirts for casual wear and it is not often that we come across men who wear knitwear. Well-fitted knitwear – not frumpy loose jumpers that are often unflattering – can be paired with so many outfits for many occasions. Your guy can rock his knitwear for the office with a suit or paired with denim for casual wear. Choose quality knits for him and don’t be afraid to play with colour to help him create stylish moments.

Teach him the art of accessorizing

When your guy’s idea of accessorizing is to put on a watch and nothing else, then it is time for you to step in. Take the time to play with his style here by choosing accessories to fit his lifestyle. You can take him to a tie shop and introduce bowties, pocket squares and ties if his style lacks that formal touch. You can also help him create a more casual cool style with hats, stunning shades and a bag that suits his lifestyle like a hold all bag or a satchel.

Find him the right outerwear

Find him the right outerwear

If you don’t want to overwhelm your guy with a lot of changes, then you can start small by finding him outerwear that are statement pieces. Go for a black leather jacket or a suede one. You can find your guy a classic trench coat that will never go out of style or a statement coat that will bring some edge to his outfits.

Show him shoe options

When sneakers and black pointy shoes are the only pairs you can find in his closet, then it is time to introduce him to some fun new pieces. For formal wear you can invest in brogues or even loafers, while edgy boots and plimsolls are perfect for stylish casual wear.

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