As we inch towards the wedding season, there is more and more excitement and jubilation in the air—in the anticipation of the coming weddings and other celebrations that are always a big part of the big fat Indian wedding. From the venue, menu, outfits to the jewellery, everything is a source of a lot of contemplation and planning. And it is true that we love the planning as much as we love the events!   

Every year brings with itself new trends and fashion statements. When it comes to jewellery, the designers like Hazoorilal Legacy, are always trying to reinvent themselves—by coming up with new design pieces and the latest gold jewellery designs every other month.

This year too, Hazoorilal Legacy has added many jewels to its crown—each more magnificent than the other. And we cannot wait to show you some!

  • Jadau Polki

Jadau Polki

Jadau Polki is diamond jewellery set in kundan work, and it exhibits intricate and exquisite workmanship hailing from the Mughal Era. It is an amalgamation of ancient legacies and contemporary designs. This fusion of tradition and modernity is not only pleasant to look at but also results in magnificent jewellery pieces. For instance, the necklace below is made up of the finest old-cut diamonds along with precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and pearls. These beautiful gemstones are set in Jadau Kundan workmanship, and the 22k yellow gold frame only adds to the elegance of this piece.

  • Mihrab


Traditional yet contemporary, it is graceful beyond words. It includes representations of flowers and cypresses. As a tribute to the ancient architecture, these jewellery pieces use motifs like crescent, fish, leaves and paisley to weave an enchanting web of magnificence. This collection breaks away from the conventional colours of meenakari in red and green, to pastel shades. It is vibrant, elegant and regal at the same time. This uncut diamond bridal choker with deep blue and rose-coloured enamelling is a great example.

  • Men’s collection

emrald jewellry

Hazoorilal Legacy believes in equal options for all, and that also includes men. After all, why should women have all the fun? This head gear for the turban, worn most commonly by the bridegroom, is adorned with emeralds in the centre and is surrounded by old-cut flat diamonds. The kundan workmanship is impeccable and it is encased in a 24k yellow gold foil. The emeralds hanging from the gear only adds to its magnificence.  

  • Solitaire


When it comes to subtle and classy designs, this line of solitaire jewellery pieces is a sight to behold. This pair of chunky diamond earrings, composed of a variety of diamond cuts in a floral orientation, can be worn at formal or festive events like wedding receptions and galas. A composition of pear, marquise, oval and emerald cut diamonds, it results in a striking piece. The diamonds used in this piece are over 9.00 carats and are set in 18k white gold, which only adds to its grace.

  • New arrivals

Pearl set

The new arrivals hold something quirky, something unique, and something fun. It is a mix and match of the traditional trends—leading to fascinating modern results. For instance, this delicate three-layered necklace is studded with uncut diamonds and south sea pearls. On top of that, it is also composed of pastel shades of pink and off-white enamel, by using floral motifs.  

It is time to head to this incredible showroom and explore these beautiful designs—made for all occasions, whether it is a sophisticated gala or a festive and grand Indian wedding. They have it all, and you deserve it all!

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