Hey Girls, have you ever think about your lip color? If not then think about this on lipstick day. Yes lipstick day, let your lips to enjoy this day. So think Is your lip color goes well with your personality? I think there is always a one color which shows your personality and tells your story. For me lip color is not a makeup it’s a way to show the world the real girl inside you. So check out what lip Colors suits your personality.

Sassy Red

Red lipstick

Red color is always shows boldness. It is the color which reveals your sexier side. In short if you don’t care about the world then red is perfect for you because it shows you are confident and carefree.

Rosy Pink

Pink lipsitck

Pink is a royal color and determines that you are not less than a princess. This color shows your adorable side. It reveals that you are a fun loving and happy go lucky girl.

Funky Orange

Orange Lipstick

Orange is the new the trend of this season, it looks cool and funky. Orange lipstick brings out your mischievous girl outside and one more quality that I like about this color is that it complements all complexions.

Peaceful Nude

Nude Color Lipstick

Nude lip color shows dual style. It describes the trend and as well as class at the same time. As this color is neutral, it shows you are calm and confident girl.

Trendsetter Berry

Berry Lipstick

Berry color is for fashion lovers. This color shows you inner fashionista which don’t need any advice for latest trends. You are the trendsetter girl which motivates other to follow you.

So girls every lip shade depicts a story and today is Lipstick day. I hope this article will help you to tell your story on the lipstick day. Celebrate this day with your favorite color and adore your beauty in more beautiful way.

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