Our love for spaghetti will never die. Wait a minute, we aren’t talking about the scrumptious spaghetti noodles, but this post is about our endless affection for spaghetti dresses. The dresses which come with thin straps got famous in the nineties and ever since, these stringy dresses have been much loved by the ladies as it offered comfort and an ultra feminine look. After all, what feels good, looks good. Nineties break free fashion made a come-back and beckoned for these lovely noodle strap dresses once again. But watch out because these dresses have got a serious makeover.

Don’t believe us? Check out these rocking styles which no more look like that which originated way back in the nineties.

1. Not one but Two: Why go for a single strap spaghetti dress, when you can have two. These dual spaghetti dresses looks so much trendier and they lend instant chic-ness to the wearer. It’s something that the nineties sun dress failed to do. Strappy sandals or straw hats complement this ultra trendy look.

dual Speghatti dress

2. The Camy Dress: These dresses look so much like a camisole or are they really just camisoles? It’s difficult to say. But, women all around the globe could care less as they are seen in these sassy noodle strap dresses everywhere. We did mention that 2015 is all about break through fashion, didn’t we? So, get at least one of these and layer it up with a flows stole or a cool checkered shirt. A perfect mix of femininity and casual-cool, isn’t it?

Camy Dress

3. Go Criss Cross: If you want a spaghetti dress which is too hot to handle, then go for a super short dress with criss-cross spaghetti stripes. The zig-zag pattern makes you look edgy and sophisticated and it’s the perfect way to crash a party and make heads turn in awe.

Cirss Cross Spaghtti Dress

4. Skater Time: When it’s time for fun and frolic, a spaghetti skater dress is just what you need to put on. Such a cute and girly ensemble is also apt for a special date to charm your beloved. Vibrant colors and breath taking prints is what you should look for when you go for such pretty dresses.

Spegahtti Skater

5. A Dual Treat: Sometimes all you need is a duo to make it work. A dress with contrasting shades can create the perfect drama that you need to steal the limelight. Be it solids, prints or pleats these dresses always look neat and pretty. Go for side cut-out patterns and sweet neck to charm the onlookers.

Dual Shade Spaghetti Dress

With these trendy patterns available online at StalkBuyLove.com, you are all set to welcome brand new spaghetti dresses in your closet. Its fresh and its stylish, so get going, girls!

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