Recent years in the fashion world have brought about a lot of androgynous cuts and style, and it was pretty much the gist of all fashion takes out there. However, even though designers are still embracing androgyny as their main model of designing, we’ve noticed a rather refreshing shift from universal to feminine, and we’re happy it’s so.

The feminine aspect of clothes is particularly important for women who like to point out their gentle, meek and loveable side through the pieces on their back; obviously, not all that’s feminine should evoke the feeling of “weak” or “incompetent”. Au contraire – nowadays, feminine has finally got its rightful definition which stands for the mixture of charming and strong, chic and capable, cute and accomplished.

Women all around are exercising their right to express their strong attitudes and convictions while wearing a lace dress with 5 inch pumps. For a woman to be taken seriously, a cravat or a man suit aren’t crucial anymore which is making us super excited!

Feminine Style

This style will be reflected in particular models inspired by Spain, frills, lace, floral designs, bright colors or pastel palette punctuated with – flowers, embroidery and such.

This newfound feminine style is especially suitable for formal ceremonies, cocktail with business partners, birthdays in luxury restaurants, but also wedding.

Dear feminine style, thank you for coming back!

If your are feeling feminine yet you got stuck in the trends of androgyny and chill, men-inspired wear, we are giving you some of the best insights into how to embrace your femininity and show it off through your clothes.

Lace It up

Lace has always been a symbol of femininity so make sure you have a few pieces that will make you feel like a woman you are. You don’t have to exaggerate with lace but rather combine it with other materials or use it in accents. A simple lace blouse combined with a denim pencil skirt will turn you into a stylish queen in a matter of seconds!

Lace It up

For business events – avoid lace tops with thin stripes – they’ll make you look inappropriate.

Embrace Florals

Embrace Florals

It seems like florals will never go out of style and we’re loving it. Feminine and refreshing, a floral maxi dress will make all the difference when you show up at an event and blow everyone’s mind. Tiny florals are great for daily events while larger flowers usually fit night time events

What we love about florals is that they are suited for virtually any age and any opportunity so, say, if you are mother of the bride, you can easily wear a floral gown and be at the same time chic, feminine and appropriate. In fact, many mother of the bride dresses are designed in sequence, lace and floral patterns so you can choose what best suits your character and still stay true to your original style.

Say YES to Ruffles

Ruffles on sleeves scream feminine, especially if you are opting for somewhat neutral colors like beige, white, eggshell, black and gray. For an edgier feminine look, coral, maroon, navy and similar colors will emphasize your edginess while at the same time helping you stay within a feminine frame. Throw in a cigarette pant or a pencil skirt with a ruffle blouse and you are ready to take on the world!

 Say YES to Ruffles

Depending on your personal style, choose whatever makes you most comfortable and happy with who you are and what image you want to cultivate. Truth is, all these feminine colors and cuts are perfect for both business and romantic outings, as long as you combine them well and choose the right accessorize. Don’t be afraid to experiment, love what you wear!

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