Kurtis today have become one of the most popular wear amongst women not just in India but all across the world. A Kurti can be explained as a shirt like garment that it quite similar to kurta but generally worn shorter than a kurta. Though today designers  even offer floor sweeping kurtis. When we talk about Kurtis, the first thing that mostly comes to our mind is comfy Kurti made of cotton fabricbut this has changed now. With more and more kurti manufacturersentering the industry, today, you will find Kurtis made in all kinds of fabrics ranging from rayon, satin, silk, velvet, pashmina to wool.

Moreover, with the winter season around the corner, woollen kurtis for women are a great choice to keep yourself warm during the harsh cold. Such kurtis can easily be paired any way you want so for a casual look you can wear a woollen kurti with your favourite legging or jeans and if you need something formal then an embroidered woollen kurti with Pashmina or monotone stole is the way to go. Today, woollen legging are also availableso now you can easily match it with the kurti.

No matter, which fabric of kurti you plan to choose, it is essential that you wear kurti design pattern that suits your body type, highlighting your positives and camouflaging your flaws. You can browse the Internet or magazines to know about the kurti design. But do not follow the latest kurti trends blindly.  If you are heavy on the top then it is essential that you go for something flowy and avoid fabric that will add bulk to your upper body. So, do not choose kurtis made of velvet or thick woollen fabric, instead pick those made of pashmina, fleece, thin wool or silk. As for necklines, heavily embellished yokes, bandhgalas are a complete no-no.

Next, for those with heavy bottoms can wear any style of kurti as long as it focuses on your upper body. You can wear a kurti with a koti or a jacket and pair it with a churidaar to complete the look. If you are short do not forget to add a pair of heel and do not wear a kurti that end mid-thigh. Such a kurti will make you even shorter. Therefore, go for long floor length kurti or short kurti, ending at upper thigh.

Also, it is necessary that you remember that unlike cotton kurtis, woollen kurtis needs special care. You can not just handwash a woollen kurti in any detergent. So, either you need to get them drycleaned or use cleaners that are specifically made for woollen fabrics. The ideal way to make sure that your woollen kurti lasts you long time is to follow the cleaning instructions mentioned on the label to the “T”.

So, just pay attention to these tips when selecting kurti the next time and you are for sure to stand out in the crowd.

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