One thing you should never ditch while heading out is a sunscreen. Well, dermatologists even suggest applying it while being indoors also as the light coming out of the electronic appliances causes same damage as the sunlight. Say ‘Yes’ to sunscreen and find out what’s best in market.

Recently, I bought this Lotus Herbals Sunblock Spray from Nykaa and found it great for my skin. I have a normal to sensitive skin so ordered it having an idea of the natural actives used by the brand for manufacturing of any of its products. The lightweight and quickly absorbing property of this spray over the skin made me really happy and satisfied. Plus, it contains SPF-50 which makes it best choice to avoid tanning and skin darkening during summers.

Check out these awesome properties I found about this product and then make it yours –

Completely non-greasy!! After applying, it completely gets into your skin and leaves no oil behind like other sunscreen lotions.

Also, you can mix it with your moisturizer and apply it all over as it creates an even, non-greasy laver all over the applied area.

Perfect solution for oily and sensitive skinned women as it helps in removing excess oil from the skin while keeping you protected from suntan.

Looking for a sunscreen!? This is what you need to outshine sun this summer.

Weight – 80ml

Price – 293/-

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