My goal is to provide high-quality, versatile clothing to women of all shapes and sizes; when they wear Stephanie Carlson designs, they can see how beautiful that they can be, bringing a smile to their faces. I want women to feel like the best version of them selves when they wear the garments.

As a brand I promote body positivity, loving the size you are, knowing that you are beautiful as a woman and deserve to show that off. Every woman is different and I want to be able to show the world that wearing my clothes will make each and every one of them feel special. The brand represents comfort and beauty, style and grace. I also incorporate details into my designs like built in bra tops, strategically placed straps to hide the bra, and lengths that are sassy and fun, yet appeal to a women of every age and body type. There are special little details worked into the garments like hidden built in bra tops and wider straps on the dresses to provide that added support and comfort, as well as slightly longer sleeve and hem lengths that flatter the body, and this sets us apart.

This is a business of passion and that passion is reflected in the clothing. The goal is to build and empire and to show women across the world that there are designers out there that will not turn their back on them. That will dedicate them selves to making clothing that will make them look spectacular. The right textiles, seam placement, and structure will be factored into every garment and the garments will be designed to create those illusions of looking taller, slimmer, or conceal those parts women want hidden. I want to be the one who provides the options for plus size women, the brand that will effect that change in the industry, because every woman deserves to look fabulous. To show the world that no matter what size you are with the right clothing you can shine!

I would like to grow this brand to a global level, adding accessories, formal wear and to elevate it to a lifestyle brand synonymous with beauty, luxury and comfort. To expand into every resort destination town, into the cruise ship boutiques, and into every woman’s wardrobe is the goal. The brand Stephanie Carlson exists because of a lack of high quality and well fitting resort wear for curvy women. While we make the clothing in all sizes, particular emphasis is put on designing for the curves of a woman’s body. No matter what size you are, the dynamic clothing from the Stephanie Carlson line is just the outfit you need to have!

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