What is it about fashion that’s keeping us restless all the time? It seems like we can’t get enough of trends, that we’re spinning in circles constantly for the sole purpose of finding that one outfit that will blow everyone’s mind (and ours, too). However, with so many options out there and so many fashionable choices, it’s definitely too difficult to stick to a single pattern/idea/style and stay true to it; I mean, why not experiment when we have the chance!

Summer vacation is definitely the perfect arena for all of your fashion craziness; hoping you’ll make use of the opportunity to embrace your sun-kissed glow and pair it up with your designer turban, I am giving you a little tutorial that will make all the difference for your future fashion vacation choices (in a good way, I hope!) –

Summer style

Summertime doesn’t really tolerate constrained fashion; it’s all about mimicking the easy vibe of summer through light materials, edgy accessories and summer appropriate fashion choices. The new two trends that are catching everyone’s eye are the new bohemian and English rose; both are styles allowing for plenty of individuality combined with the already familiar bohemian and feminine choices, however – upgraded.

Bohemian queen

Embrace the complicated prints, flowy gypsy dresses and skirts, slip on dresses with thin strips and unusual cutouts; the effortless chic is what will make you the queen of summer, as long as you embrace your individuality well and blend it with appreciation for world cultures, pattern-wise. Don’t be afraid to combine outré graphics with delicate lace and lots of chunky statement jewelry!

English rose

What we are learning this summer is that romance is not dead and nostalgia for sweetness still lives; this time around, you are encouraged to cherish both femininity and feminism, since your fashion choices revolving around lush volumes of fabric and floral prints mustn’t jeopardize your strength and sturdiness. Still, don’t be afraid to look pretty for pretty’s sake!

Embrace lace, florals, maxi dresses, peplum and love the joys of pink blooms!

Accessorize for the soul

Turbans, hair accessories (flowers, butterflies, almost-tiaras…), chunky jewelry, statement earrings – everything evoking femininity;  lay off with leather and fringe this time around – they worked for Coachella, but won’t for the upcoming summer.

Swimwear from heaven

Designers took a risk and finally made it possible for girls of all sizes and shapes to wear fashionable swimwear that celebrates a female body; bikinis, sure – but everything is now focused on the femininity of style and shape so buy a swimsuit that channels ‘60s vibe, unexpected cuts, high-waist bottoms and easy colors.

Makeup and hair rules


Once the sun hits your skin and you get that dark, bronze glow there’s honestly so little makeup you need – nobody enjoys a face with melting makeup nor does your skin appreciate being suffocated by powders and concealers when the temperatures are high. If you really need to get dressed up for an occasion, opt for melt-proof makeup and toss the goopy glosses. Also, embrace waterproof mascara and prevent the raccoon look. Instead of a regular powdery blush, use a gel blush on your cheeks and dab it with a sponge; you’ll get a wonderful summery glow which will contour your face but stay translucent; lips will appreciate a little coral pop of color and will perfectly match the neutrality of face.

Oh and – don’t forget the sunscreen!


Let the hair breathe; when the sun is strong and you are spending a lot of time in the water, treating your hair with various products is insane.  First, you’ll damage it (the sea salt doesn’t really correlate to artificial product), second – what’s the point! No hairdos, either – let your hair loose and allow it to curl up naturally. A high ponytail or samurai bun is welcome, though.

Pack it all up, pack light and choose the pieces you know you’ll wear – be a fabulous fashionista even during summer, not the one everyone is rolling their eyes at ‘cos she is bringing three suitcases to a 5-day summer bash. Enjoy!

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