Selecting your swimwear can be a tedious job but if you know the basic guides in choosing one, there should not be any problem. Swimsuits could be one of the best outfit during summer but only if you are able to find out the most flattering one.


We all know that confidence can really rock any kind of outfit but it doesn’t help when the suit is totally unfitted to your body. Swimsuit shopping may seem a long and difficult process, but once you know your body language and able to pick the right style, you can become a hottie beach babe.


  • Always embrace the structure. The color-blocked suits can be a little sportier and would provide more support than triangle bikinis. In addition, darker colors can be slimming, making this a super-flattering pick.
  • Test the swimsuit before using it on the water. Some crochet suits might be a bit more revealing than you’d like when wet.
  • When wearing your swimsuit, use flat sandals. Anything with height could push the look over the edge.
  • Remember to match your bikini to your body shape. There is an enormous variety of body shapes, and a bikini can be found to suit all of them. It is important that you know your body shape so it won’t be hard to look for swimwear.
  • Always ask for professional assistant in swimwear store if you’re in doubt when buying a bikini.
  • If you are a little bit conscious on one of your body parts, a stylish sarong is a great way to cover up it. Make sure that it will flatter your body and swimwear.
  • Women who are too conscious about their stomach may prefer the less revealing tankini, which can be matched with a wide waist banded bikini bottom in order to provide additional coverage.


  • In fashion today, you should not be afraid to mix prints with solid colors. Remember that color-blocking is not always about solid color. A mix of print will give it a more personality.
  • Modern fashion does not require too much accessories. Minimalist accessories are more appropriate now. Take an example of cute sweatshorts.
  • Always carry your sunscreen especially when you plan to go on tanning or choose to stay under the sun for a long time.
  • Attempting to buy or wear over-sized swimsuits is a no-no. Loose swimwear will only increase in size and trash attempts at modesty. It also tends to wear out sooner than properly sized apparel.
  • Forgetting the materials of a bikini is not a good idea. Knowing the materials used in the suit will help in determining where it is most suited. Also, it will help knowing how durable the swimsuit is and how it feels to wear.
  • The fail to remember rinsing the swimwear after using in the pool should not be tolerable. Bikinis are typically hand washed with a gentle detergent, and dried indoors or in the shade. It will help the bikini to last as long as possible.

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