baking soda benefits


When it comes to best DIY for beauty, then Kitchen ingredients play a fantastic role in enhancing our beauty. One of that hit ingredients is Baking soda. Along with cooking, baking soda has been proven to be a beauty treatment element for skin and hair by just following a few home remedies. Here, I am mentioning DIY baking soda beauty hacks for everyone- Teeth Whitening: First, if all you need to prepare a paste of baking soda and toothpaste by mixing them. It is a home remedy that is a better and cheap alternative for whitening strips. It won’t taste that great but it helps. Try it out. Scrubbing your face and feet: Take sufficient amount of baking soda, oatmeal, and water to make a paste for your face scrub pack. It can be better than those branded face scrubs and masks. It reacts differently with every skin type accordingly.…