best first date tips


Lately, everyone’s been hyping on the rules related to the first date when, in reality, things are way simpler than we think. The idea (at least we hope that’s still the idea) is to have a blast, make your (future) partner feel amazing and feel phenomenal yourself! Usually, this cannot be achieved unless your heart is in it, no matter how many rules you read online. Assuming you are smart (we know you are) and ready to approach things differently than other terrified-of-the-first-date gals would, we’re giving you five tips to follow and enjoy your time! Let your guard down To have a blast, take that pout off your face and show your wonderful, smiling face. You came to this date to have fun, enjoy yourself and love every second of it. With that in mind, forget your successful career, deadlines, your fat paycheck, million hours at the gym and…