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07, March, 2020.  Grehlakshmi, The Favourite Hangout and largest community of Housewives, hosted the season 5 of GREHLAKSHMI DOPAHAR with one of the most prestigious Women club of Delhi Urja club in the spirit of Women’s day and Holi. Grehlakshmi Dopahar is the biggest housewives engagement program curated and initiated by Grehlakshmi Magazine. A delightful 2-3 hours bash providing housewives a dose of infotainment, pampering them with special titles and engaging them with fun-filled activities. Organizer of the club and Grehlakshmi team created the perfect blend of Education and Entertainment, which resulted in the much needed fun filled afternoon for our Grehlakshmies.                        The aim of ‘Grehlakshmi Afternoon’ is not only to make women happy but also to give a short break from everyday chores. Every Grehlakshmi spends all her time taking care of their home and family, so Grehlakshmi comes…