leather boots care in rain


Did you know that dreaming about shoes can actually reflect your state of mind? According to psychologists, it may signify whether you are feeling grounded or may even indicate your self esteem levels! What’s more, according to Suzanne Ferris, the editor of “Footnotes: On Shoes”, your shoe addiction or affinity also has a scientific explanation! So, if you happen to be addicted to your high-heeled leather boots to such an extent that parting with them seems impossible, there’s nothing actually abnormal about it! what should you do to protect your leather boots and flaunt them in style during the rainy season? Do you need specialized shoe care equipment or would you need to buy a shoe rack online for proper storage? Here’s a look at some simple, yet effective measures that would restore the health of your coveted leather footwear, even on a rainy day. How to Care : DO…