modern feminine style


Recent years in the fashion world have brought about a lot of androgynous cuts and style, and it was pretty much the gist of all fashion takes out there. However, even though designers are still embracing androgyny as their main model of designing, we’ve noticed a rather refreshing shift from universal to feminine, and we’re happy it’s so. The feminine aspect of clothes is particularly important for women who like to point out their gentle, meek and loveable side through the pieces on their back; obviously, not all that’s feminine should evoke the feeling of “weak” or “incompetent”. Au contraire – nowadays, feminine has finally got its rightful definition which stands for the mixture of charming and strong, chic and capable, cute and accomplished. Women all around are exercising their right to express their strong attitudes and convictions while wearing a lace dress with 5 inch pumps. For a woman…