Gearing up for the special valentine evening, but don’t understand how to achieve that perfect look? It happens with most of the girls. And, if you are the one, don’t let yourself down. Just read on!

There are a lot of style lessons to learn from Bollywood’s reigning queen Deepika Padukone who certainly knows how to make heads turn. From that perfect outfit to the right accessories, she can be your inspiration this valentine.

Several style cues are to be taken from Deepika, here’s a few:

Simple isn’t too bad

Apply this to your wardrobe or makeup and you will hardly get unnoticed. There have been events when Deepika kept it simple – from outfit to accessories – and still made a style statement. Oh yes, it needs extra cautiousness while wearing makeup, it has to be in a manner to highlight the best features of your face.

Give new things a must try

Deepika red outfit

Going unconventional is definitely the way to rock! While Deepika adheres to what suits her body the best, she never gives up experimenting and trying new things.

Go classy, but feel sassy

Deepika's Classy look

The actress knows how to make an appeal effortlessly. Floral classic prints and the classic hairdo is the way to step out! Focus on the essence she exudes.

Spice up the formals

Deepika in formals

Give a sexy touch to your pantsuits and explore more with the formals. Just look at the way Deepika creates variations with her formals and draws the best out of her ensemble. This is a trick that confident girls would love to try.

Comfy jeans and t-shirt

Deepika in Comfy jeans and t-shirt

Don’t give up your comfort while trying to look different. Even classic blue jeans with a white t-shirt can give you the kind of look you want, just try to ensemble them fashionably. This combination never goes out of the fashion.

Although you would love to follow Deepika and her style, but she believes in creating her own style that you should also take a note of! So, follow her fashion, but define your own style and do not give up experimenting!

Deepika, you rock!

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